Digital Marketing Strategies for a Successful Business

by Hiren Panchal  |  15th Mar, 2024 in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategies for a Successful Business

Wasn’t it fascinating to see your favourite creators getting felicitated by the Prime Minister during the first-ever National Creator Awards? Content creation is finally getting its recognition and has been more important than ever. Whether you are an individual or a brand, content creation paired with the effective digital marketing strategies and digital storytelling have now become an integral part of establishing your own identity. Right from getting noticed and making that first great impression in the minds of your consumers with great brand identity, keeping communication with your audience, ensuring the right product reaches the intended audience, effective digital marketing strategies play a vital role in building a great brand for your product. To understand what are the strategies of digital marketing that can help achieve these goals, let’s delve deeper into the topic.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Strategies for Business

Creating a Unique Brand Identity

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Coke’? For us, it’s Coke’s signature red colour and the iconic typography logo type that has remained largely unchanged since its inception. For many, it can be the feeling of freshness or happiness. Similarly, for McDonald’s, it can be those magical golden arches and the combo of red and yellow colours, imagined along with your favourite burger.  Brand identity is the essence of the personality and values of your business. These values, when communicated consistently across all digital platforms, help you get noticed and leave a mark in the minds of people. When you are in the process of building a strong brand presence, your focus needs to be on standing out and leveraging a unique positioning for your business. This is an essential aspect to consider along with other strategies of digital marketing.

SEO Strategy for Organic Business Growth 

In recent years, the way we look for things has changed completely. Be it a curious question or a product that you wish to buy, everything starts with a simple search, a question that we all ask our favourite search engines. This is the reason why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of digital visibility. It helps you drive traffic to your website organically with strategic keyword placement. InsideFPV – A drone manufacturing brand, which was featured on Shark Tank India, is a great example of how to successfully leverage the power of SEO and generate revenue. However, note that SEO is an area that needs long-term planning and implementation. So, it may take some time for you to see the actual results. A great SEO strategy backed by effective planning and execution in a disciplined manner is the key to driving the growth of your business.

SMO Strategy for Organic Social Media Growth

Ever wondered how brands like Zomato or Ustraa have managed to get the pulse of social media right, almost all the time? Social Media Optimization (SMO) focuses on establishing a strong social media presence and building organic relationships with followers. It aims to achieve organic reach and engagement through content and profile optimization, rather than relying on paid advertising. SMO involves creating shareable and engaging content, interacting directly with followers, and utilising platform-specific features to boost visibility organically.

Exploring PPC or Google Ads for Paid Ad Campaigns

We all have a love-hate relationship with those ads that keep following us wherever we surf on the net. Whether you love them or not as a viewer, for a brand, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and Google Ads offer a direct route to increased visibility, placing your brand in front of potential customers who are already interested in what you offer. Indian clothing brands such as Snitch and Rare Rabbit have nailed the art of PPC and Google Ads.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

This is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for small businesses that can help them reach the right audience and get quality leads. The right social media marketing strategies, when utilised effectively within the budget, can help a brand evolve into a powerful marketing platform, enabling personal connections with their audience. It also helps you build a community around your brand, and allows you to go beyond advertisements while creating meaningful interactions and engagement. Indian dairy giant Amuls social media handle is a great example of how a brand can use effective communication in a light hearted way and yet create a community that is completely in love with their brand.

Content Marketing

Content is the soul of digital marketing. To master the art of crafting content that resonates with your audience, you need a good content strategy. This is where having a well planned content calendar comes in handy. Your strategy should outline what type of content you’ll create (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.), who will create it, how often you’ll publish, and where you’ll share it. Your content should aim to solve problems, answer questions, or provide value to your target audience, aligning with your buyer personas’ interests and needs.

Email Marketing Strategies

“Find a market first… and then concentrate on a product!”-

Gary C. Halbert, the legendary American copywriter, has given us this very useful insight in his book ‘The Boron Letters’ which comes handy in Email Marketing. Unlike every other form of copywriting, writing emails falls under the domain of conversion copywriting, where the emphasis is upon generating revenue. Getting your consumer’s voice of customer data (VOC) can help you come up with the right language & tone. By knowing their pain points, you can better understand your prospects, create an offer for them, and write a copy that effectively conveys that offer.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Now a days companies specialising in upskilling courses for working professionals are aggressively using the ABM on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram. Another effective use case for Account Based Marketing is the B2B marketing, targeting specific high-value accounts with personalised campaigns. This highly targeted strategy can open the doors to new opportunities for your businesses. However, in order to be able to formulate and execute the ABM strategies, the sales and marketing team’s alignment is important. This allows the teams to identify high value accounts, map individuals to account, define and create targeted campaigns, select optimal channels, execute strategies and measure the performances. This also makes it easier for you to optimise the campaigns for better ROI.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy 

Creating a digital marketing strategy is like deciding where you want to go, determining the best route to get there, and preparing for the challenges and opportunities you might encounter along the way. As told by Michael Porter, “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Thus, a well crafted digital marketing strategy shall decide not just what actions to take, but also what actions to avoid. This allows you to focus your efforts and resources on the most impactful initiatives. Here’s how you can create a holistic digital marketing strategy:

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Your business goals are unique. So start by defining what success looks like for your business. Whether your aim is to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website, generate leads or boost sales, your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). This allows you to set clear expectations in terms of what success means to you and your business.

Build Your Buyer Personas

Understanding your audience is crucial while coming up with digital marketing strategies. Buyer personas are detailed descriptions of your ideal customers, based on real data and some educated assumptions. Demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals are the factors that are considered by these personas. The more detailed your personas, the more effectively you can tailor your digital marketing strategies to meet their needs.

Evaluate Your Existing Digital Channels and Assets

Are you midway in your digital marketing journey, and trying to streamline your efforts? You can start with auditing your current digital marketing channels and assets, including your website, blog content, social media profiles and email marketing. You can categorise these channels as owned, earned, or paid media to get a clear picture of what you have, what’s working well, and what might need adjusting or abandoning.

Decide on Content Distribution

Having great content is only half the battle; you also need to get it in front of the right people. Decide which channels and platforms you’ll use to distribute your content, considering where your target audience spends their time online. This might include your website, social media platforms, email newsletters, or other digital channels.

Note Down KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for measuring the success of your digital marketing strategy. They should directly relate to your business goals and objectives, providing clear metrics to track progress. This could include website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, social media engagement, etc. Remember Winston Churchill’s advice: “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Regularly review your KPIs to ensure your digital marketing efforts are on track and adjust your strategy as needed.

Audit and Plan Your Owned, Earned, and Paid Campaigns

Examine your current campaigns across all channels—owned, earned, and paid. Identify which campaigns have been most successful and why. Use this information to plan future campaigns, focusing on the strategies that have proven effective and exploring new opportunities to reach your audience.

Bring Your Digital Marketing Campaigns to Life

Always remember that efforts beat meditation. Even the best digital marketing strategies can only help you if those are executed well. Pay attention to the smallest detail, while you are executing your digital marketing campaigns. Be open to doing course corrections, tweak your strategy to accommodate the changing dynamics and adjust your strategies accordingly.
Digital marketing strategies are important for business growth and can be an important enabler for your business in today’s digital age. With the right strategies, you can connect with your audience in meaningful ways, and grow your business. This is a journey that requires understanding, creativity, and flexibility to adapt strategies as per the changing dynamics of digital space.

At Litmus, we do this every day. Our brand advertising agency is entrusted by brands to help them get noticed, reach out to the right prospects, help them grow their business, and carve out their unique space in their respective segments. We love what we do, and this blog is an attempt to share our knowledge and expertise with you. We hope you find this blog helpful. We will keep sharing useful insights like this one in this space. If you have really enjoyed this piece of content, feel free to follow us on social media and never miss an update.

Learn More About Crafting a Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

What are digital marketing strategies? 

Digital marketing strategies encompass the plans and actions businesses take to promote their products or services online, leveraging various digital channels to reach and engage their target audience.

What is a digital strategy example? 

A digital strategy example includes using social media marketing to increase brand awareness, combined with SEO tactics to improve website visibility and traffic.

What is a digital strategy concept? 

The digital strategy concept involves utilising digital technologies and media to achieve specific business goals, focusing on engaging the digital consumer through targeted and personalised communication.


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