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Content Strategy & Creation

Content strategy and creation is the process of formulating any type of content for a brand, with a particular motive.


An average person spends 7 hours consuming content daily.


Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing while costing 64% less.


An average of only 2 of the every 10 websites is content-driven.


The major part of content strategy and creation deals with copywriting and written material, but it is not just that. When we hear the phrase, 'content is the king', it means content beyond the written word. It also means content in terms of videos, marketing & communication material, etc. Content basically means what the brand is communicating to its audience in a tangible format. The ideology and the methodology that is used to create this content falls under content strategy and creation.


Content creation is done when a brand wants to identify and generate topics that appeal to the potential buyers and the target audience. On the basis of these topics, visual and verbal material is created and then this material is made accessible to the relevant audience.

Understanding what is missing

We identify what is missing from the available content about your brand and what can be deleted as a part of the content strategy. Once that part is clear, we proceed towards filling those missing blocks.

Creating content that aligns your brand with your audience

A junk food brand should not be talking about healthy habits. An automobile brand talking about 'walk to work' sounds conflicting. That is where misalignment happens. We align your brand's content with what your audience expects.

How much?

We prefer not to offer this service as standalone. 

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