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Environmental Branding

Environmental branding is storytelling about your brand in your own space. 


Environmental branding is an experience that you give to people for your brand when they are in your space. It is an opportunity that is often missed but can help create a positive impression about your brand. Your workplace, your store, your outlet - basically every place where your clients, prospects, vendor partners or associates can visit you is where environmental branding can be done.


Environmental branding is needed when you have a space that is ready to invite visitors but does not have the right ambience or the right environment yet. This can be at any time during the process of your business, but the beginnings of a business or renovations are the best times. Environmental branding is needed when you want to align your brand with your space with the help of tangible elements.

Treating spaces like brands

Just as we can carry out branding activities for a product, service or a brand, we think in a similar manner to brand a space and create an experience out of it.

Choosing what to highlight

When we talk to you about your brand we pick some things that matter the most to you out of several. That is exactly what we will convey as the highlight of your environmental branding.

How much?

Which environment is it, what is its area and what are the surfaces that need to be designed will determine the cost.

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