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Brand Purpose & Positioning

Brand positioning means the nature of estate that a brand occupies in the minds of the consumer while brand purpose means the motive that is the driver of the brand.


Brand positioning strategy is a definite route that makes way for your brand in the customer's minds. What comes first? Positioning or purpose? Neither. Brand Purpose defines the intent behind a brand's existence beyond money making. For brand positioning and purpose to be effective, they both have to go hand in hand.

Brand positioning helps a customer experience what the value proposition of your brand is and how it adds value to their lives. A strong brand purpose strengthens the values that a brand stands for. Not only does it set a strong culture for the employees, it also governs the actions you take as a brand while serving your customers.


Brand positioning & purpose are both usually needed during the foundational phase of a brand, usually to give it a definite direction. They might be needed at a later periods as well, but generally only when a rebranding is being considered. Both of these are important pillars of a brand and have nothing to do with the size of an organization being big or small.

Data-Driven, big time

Brand purpose and brand positioning are not just derived by looking at the past, current or forecasted statistics of the brand or the market, they have to be derived keeping in mind that they will have a direct impact on your business numbers. Both brand purpose and brand positioning services involve a comprehensive evaluation of your brand's establishment and eventually, market placement thought process.

Research and science

Brand positioning services begin with market research, competitor analysis, brand SWOT analysis, creation of potential customer profiles, and finally conclude with the derivation of a positioning statement, the brand's tone and its ideal personality.

Beyond finances

Brand purpose is essentially the reason why a brand was born. We sit with the brand owners and understand their vision behind the business and why they chose the product/service they are representing/going to represent. We also understand the reason behind their particular business and why not anything else. Answers to these questions help us arrive at the brand purpose.

How Much?

This service starts from ₹5,00,000. 

AL Ries and Jack trout were the creators of the concept called brand positioning strategy. According to them, it’s like "owning a word in the mind", whether that word is “safety for Volvo" or “facial tissue for Kleenex".