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A brochure stitches together information about your company and gives a final product that carries around the message that you want the reader to get.


95% people who receive a brochure become aware of a business.


80% of people consider visiting the company they have seen the brochure of.


Studies show that brochures delivered through door drop marketing can stay in a house for 38 days, and 23% of it gets circulated around in personal networks.


A company brochure design carries information mostly about the company, its founders, their vision, mission, ethos and then the products/services, clientele, USPs and presence. It is a representative of your offerings and it is like a mini-version of your website. A brochure can be online or offline and the design dynamics change, to some extent, to make the brochure relevant for whichever platform it is going on.


A brochure design is mostly used by the sales or business development team of a company to pitch new clients by giving a basic information about the product, services or the brand. It is also of use when a convenient medium is needed to distribute information about a brand. It is a convenient medium, because the entire info of a brand can be inserted into one file & this document can still be complete in itself.

Research, before anything else

As your brochure design agency, we research what your company stands for, what makes your product/services stand apart, what are the competitors like, what is the audience like, what kind of language will they be receptive to and so on. This decides your cover, the copywriting, the graphic design angle, the number of pages.

A strong cover page

We begin your brochure design with a cover page that sometimes teases, sometimes expresses and most of the times, captures the attention of the viewer. Whether the industry is serious, technical or that of consumer goods, we make sure there is something to hook the target audience right from the cover page.

Relevant, complete information

Once the cover plays its role, we make sure that the pages inside do so too. The language- both visual and verbal, is communicated well across the inner pages to establish a uniformity and the products/services or brand are well-explained.

How much?

A 12 pager will typically cost around ₹70,000. The final price however, depends on the total number of pages, content creation, & photography.

Brochure, a word derived from the french language, literally means 'to stitch'