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Brochure Design

Strike the right chord with your audience,
with a brochure that has enough room for your products and its features,
one that the prospective buyer is encouraged to flick through.

The sharp-witted representative of your company- Brochure should have the right language, tone, and decibel to persuade your target audience to buy your product. The brochure can enticingly narrate your product story to turn the reader into a buyer. Through brochure, your products get the undivided space to exhibit their true personality.

As one of the leading brochure designing companies in India, we believe though online marketing is the trend, brochures still serve as the vital marketing tool to generate leads. At Litmus, we let our clients’ brochures and catalogs be led by design and bold copy, without the pressure of conforming to the digital demands of search engine optimization (SEO). We have succeeded in creating catalog designs that have helped enterprises achieve their set sales objectives.

Fact 1

Illustrated Images are becoming a popular trend in brochure designing in 2017 as they provide a touch of the human element.

Fact 2

White space is an important element in Brochure design. For an instance, the cosmetics and beauty industry use extensive white space in their marketing material to tell the reader that they are sophisticated, high quality and generally expensive.

Once we get the brief from your side, the creative army at Litmus put all their efforts in brochure design that serves as an engaging educative piece. Along with the graphical presentation of your message, we make your products make a statement through a great copy. A contemporary touch is vital, but as a brochure designing company, we strive to create masterpieces that can never be labeled outdated.

Brochures are often deemed best, not just to effectively advertise your products but for new launches in your product categories and promotional deals. Be it any event, a professional meeting, a seminar or an exhibition, brochures being light in weight are always the right way to advocate your products. Not just tri-fold brochure design or bi-fold brochure design, our brochure design services aim at creating a piece that vividly presents your company’s philosophy and culture inducing buyers to purchase them.

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