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Meet the Little Boy of our industry
Who colours
outside the lines.
Who run with ideas and is the first to spot
the rainbow behind a cloud.
Boy Icon
at their craft
Make their own
And alphabets
Set their own
And roadmaps
And, most importantly
to our clients
Who absolutely
Their Jobs
To be sure,
Once you have hopped on the Litmus brandwagon
We promise your life is never
going to be the same again.
It will be a hulluva lot exciting
Litmus Bus
Red Racket
Blue Racket
You'll get to
play ping-pong
with ideas
You'll bounce them off other creatives
during intense, brain-storming sessions
Boy Run
Designer Round
Designer Hand
Designer Round
You'll play
catch me
with design
And 'check mate' during regular,
review meetings with clients
and in-house design honchos
Designer Round
Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
Character Design
You'll play
'what's the good
word?' with copy
To produce oven-fresh, crisp copy
that's bang on target
And you'll score
a goal point with
your final output.
To have our client laughing all the way to
the bank and asking for more
Designer Round
Designer Arrow
Expect In Return
What Can
You Expect in
An office that's
always abuzz with
Buzz With Activity
No One Sleeps
Where no one
except on
a client's BRief.
Where we collaborate
AND HAPPILY co-exist.
Where, you don't have
to beg or lobby for
and recognition..
As they automatically
roll your way.
A place, you want
to return to, with a
32-watt smile
every morning,
when you climb out
of your bed.

We are hiring!

If all this sounds like the place you want to work in, rush us your resume now.

We would be equally excited to have you on board!

HTML Developer 1.5 - 2 Years Experience

Young and Restless? Are you passionate to turn your job experience into priceless work with dream company? Then here you go.


  • Responsible to translate the UI/UX design wireframes to responsive code that will produce visual elements on web with mobile responsive elements.
  • Responsible to create cross-browser and cross-platform compatible websites.
  • Directly responsible for converting psd to HTML.
  • Work collaboratively with creative team and fulfill company's target within timeline

Skills and Qualifications

Must have: Ability to plan and successfully complete work

Hands-on: Expertise in one or more required tools like, editors, photoshop etc.

Good to have: Full range of capabilities for any task, ready to learn new things and comfort with English language


  • 1

    Expertise knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3.

  • 2

    Expert in Bootstrap 3.x.

  • 3

    Familiar with Javascript, jQuery and related libraries.

  • 4

    Connect with Development Team for further development of website and quick in resolutions.

  • 5

    Basic knowledge of Photoshop.

  • 6

    Understanding of responsive design.

  • 7

    jQuery slider knowledge will be plus.

  • 8

    Optimizing websites for maximum speed and scalability with w3c validated.

  • 9

    Positive attitude having good working approach.

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