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Brand storytelling is all about expressing your brand in the form of a story, but keeping people at the focal point.


BMW became a car manufacturer because Germany lost World War I


The McDonald's logo is based on the shape of the stores and not the word McDonald's


UPS was founded by 2 kids with a cycle and $100


A story consists of people, place, plot and purpose. In the same way, your brand's storytelling should talk about the people it concerns in the places it reaches and the purpose it is driven by.
Brand storytelling may or may not be about your products. It is mostly about human experiences that go on to show why your brand came into existence, what are its values, what does it want to achieve, what problems does it solve and who are the people it appeals to.


Brand storytelling is needed when you want to tell your brand's story and that need arises at so many different places. From your website to social media to packaging to your retail experience, you story is being told everywhere. We'll make this simpler with an example. Think of the brand Apple. The website, the packaging, the social media, the retail spaces all stand for one plot- Think Different. The difference they create will be reflect in every step of the story they tell. Where is this difference created? In people's lives.

So, when you want to make your brand story worth reading, people have to be kept at the center.

We paint pictures

We paint visual pictures for your brand's story. These pictures consist of the people, the events, the places and the experiences that your brand has been through in its journey so far. We tell your brand's story by finding answers to some important questions such as-
Why do you exist?
Why did you start this brand?
Who are the main characters of your story?
What challenges did you face?
What are the gaps you filled?

Building perceptions

We define the way your brand presents itself to the world and the way the world perceives you.

How much?

Anything and everything that can tell your brand's story falls under Brand Storytelling. How do we put a price on this?