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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a collaborative marketing activity with influential people on social media. 


79% of brands engaging in influencer marketing prefer Instagram over other social media channels.


93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns, and consider it to be a major advertising strategy.


It is about influencing your audience for your brand. Remember those days when our buying decisions used to be influenced by those who we were impressed with - people around us, or those who had a higher social status or celebrities? Replicating that to the digital era we live in, influencer marketing is done by people who are in an influential position, majorly on social media. But there's more, more than just buying. Influencer marketing helps build an impression for your brand and develops a thought process for your brand.

Influencer marketing may or may not trigger a buying action from your potential customer immediately, but it will help build a recall for your brand which will reap benefits at a later stage, you do not know exactly when. While celebrity influencers were the primary choices for influencer marketing, these days every platform has influencers who have carved their own niche.


Influencer marketing can prove to be effective for your brand at several occasions. When you want to reach the right target audience for your brand, profiles of influencers who have a legitimate follower base & high engagement rate can be helpful. Not only do influencers increase your brand awareness, they also help increase the engagement rate of your brand's social media accounts. Especially for new brands, influencer marketing can prove to be the fastest way to grow their online presence. Influencer marketing services ensure that these social media resources are utilized effectively and efficiently by us.

The right audience

We select influencers based on their audience. We analyze their social media accounts and determine whether the audience aligns with your product/service.

Avoiding clashes

We avoid conflicting brand messages by ensuring that we choose influencers who can truly endorse a product. No matter how much money a brand is ready to shell out, the truth remains the truth. A beauty influencer may not be the right choice for a fitness brand.

Deliverables that deliver

Whether it is going to be a reel, a review, a post, a story, a video testimonial or any other deliverable, we make sure it reflects the brand's purpose & sends out the right message - loud and clear.

How much?

The amount is oscillating and can only be fixed based on what you really want out of this service. How big is the campaign, how many influencers do you want to rope in, what shall the deliverables be and most importantly, how much you are willing to spend. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was the first person to reach 366M followers on Instagram