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With more than two decades of experience, Litmus has become a leader in branding, advertising and designing. We’ve reached here by giving several Litmus tests and we’re always ready for the next one. Would you like to take one too?


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One of the first steps in the process of building a brand's journey is its strategy. A brand strategy begins as soon as you think of the name of your brand and the problem that it is going to solve. Actually, sometimes even before that. A strategy drives your identity, your collaterals, your digital and offline design and any next steps that your brand route takes.

To put it in a nutshell, a brand strategy is ideally your brand's communication strategy. It's not just a piece of document, it is like a brand bible.


Nobody can tell a brand's story better than the ones who live it. As your branding company, we tell your story by asking you questions that help us rewind your story. We pick up milestones from your story and tell them to your audience on relevant platforms in an interesting, appealing manner.

The art of storytelling helps us create an impression about your brand in your audience's minds. Just like you are reading our story this moment and building a perception.


Your brand identity i.e the name, logo, tagline, packaging etc., has to be simple, timeless and a reflection of your brand's vision. It does not matter whether you work with a freelancer or the best branding agency in India or the world as long as your identity serves its purpose.

No matter what kind of a name you choose in what language or length, what colours you choose for the logo, what words you use for the tagline or what shape your packaging takes, your brand identity should, we repeat, serve its purpose.

Social Media

To make your brand repetitively visible in front of your audience, social media marketing followed by strategy creation & execution by a digital branding agency is a must. This activity decides whether your brand will reach from the 6-inch screen to the minds of your consumer. Or not.

Once it does, half the job is done. The next part is to ensure that this placement is recurring and worth watching each time. Your brand's impression on social media is a result of your social media marketing.

Web Design &

Your website's design and the way it has been developed determines how it looks, how it functions and what kind of experience it gives people, on the world wide web. The layout, the flow, the design adopted, the fonts, the responsiveness and the navigation, are all accessories that make it effective and functional.

Whether an Ecommerce website or an informative one, it should give the people a good experience and ease of access. That way they are more likely to spend time on your website and make the next move, whether that is making a purchase or just getting in touch with you.

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Hiren Panchal

Co-Founder & Promoter

Building a brand is a journey. An insightful one.

Priyank Badrakiya


A brand is built by using design elements in an organised manner.

Kapil V.

Founder & CEO

No one can build a brand. Neither us, nor you. Only people can.

Brinda Mehta


With the touch of art, a brand becomes complete.

Shreyas Nair


A connection without filters is the easiest way to build a brand.

Priyank Solanki

Web Team Leader

A brand without a website, hard to imagine!

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