Bonasila, A Litmus venture manufacturing FRP Planters, becomes newer and bigger.

June 01, 2021
A Litmus venture manufacturing FRP Planters

Bonasila has expanded and renewed its presence both in the online and the offline world. They renewed their presence in the online world with a brand new website that reflects the ideology of the brand and the avant garde collection. They also moved to a big new factory with greater production capacity, more staff and more designs to meet the growing demand.

Bonasila now has four collections, namely, Newo Collection, Existo Collection, Rezelo Collection & Tabto Collection. Founded in Ahmedabad, India in 2017, it now boasts of India's largest collection of FRP Planters. Bonasila designs have reached 19 states of India & 5 countries in the world with 35 designs including 226 SKUs with 12 matt and gloss colours, 4 texture finishes and 14 Rustic finishes.