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Brand Voice

Brand voice refers to the tone of your brand that is used to communicate to your audience.


86% of customers prefer a genuine and honest brand personality on social channels.


Think of a brand as a person. Now imagine, that person is telling a story to a crowd full of people. The way this person tells the story is so unique, so different and so memorable that it stays with you for a long time. Even if you retell that story, you think of this person every time. This is exactly what brand voice is.


Brand voice is an important part of your brand's journey. From the time your brand comes into inception to the point that it becomes a well-known name amongst your consumers, a uniform brand voice is needed. Brand voice is also needed when you want to establish consistency in communication across all channels. Whenever you talk, design, write, post, react, respond, launch or connect with your users in any manner, your brand voice is used.

Identifying persona and taste

We identify the demographics, the persona, the taste of your audience and build a brand voice centered around them. This way, it becomes a voice that can connect with them at a personal level. If your brand is already in existence, we audit your current voice and, if needed, change it according to the audience you are catering to.

Timely reviews

Once we have established your brand voice, we keep reviewing it according to the changing times. Your brand voice can become obsolete as the trends, the preferences of your audience changes. In case of which, we modify your brand voice slowly and gradually, whenever needed.

Document everything

From the time we take charge, we document your communication across all channels so that even if the people in the communication department (ours or yours) change, your brand voice and tone does not.

How much?

This service is never offered standalone. We can't give your brand a voice without giving it a purpose, positioning and communication strategy.

Does your brand voice make enough noise?
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Coca-Cola's brand voice is known to be the most consistent one, it reflects the idea of having a happy life, always.