Brand Strategy

Sometimes, when the best laid-out plans go awry,
brand managers begin to wonder – why strategize?
But that’s exactly the reason why they need the services of brand strategy consulting firms in the first place.

Define Your Brand

The networked, digital era, with the audience having dwindling attention spans, demands for brands that know what their core is. It’s much like brands being a human and their values being their soul. This is where brand strategy agencies, like Litmus, come as communication charioteers. We are not one of those brand strategy consulting firms that boast about formulating marketing schemes without knowing how to differentiate between positioning and proposition. Rather, we are a research-driven, creatively-armoured, and thoughtfully evolved brand strategy firm that believes in digging out the brands’ true potential.

The Brand Blueprint

Brand strategy is a divinely orchestrated blueprint that encompasses multiple components of your company’s character and ultimately aims to make it identifiable—transforming your company into a legit brand. A brand strategy agency plays the role of formulating the blueprint, moving over the usual things logo, website or product name. It taps every possible segment of consumer emotions, needs, and competitive market first.

Litmus has carved a position of the most sought after independent strategic brand architecture agency in India. Through the comparison and exchange with many clients in different industries, we have gained wide knowledge and brand strategy formulation expertise.

Fact 1

It takes 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand.

Fact 2

45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.

Innovation Process

Litmus, as one of the most trusted brand strategy consulting firms, will dig out the market, study your competitors, conduct a thorough SWOT analysis, and grasp the ins-and-out of the product/service that the brand offers. Being cognizant of every possible segment helps us give life to the brand. The promise it offers to consumers, the way it speaks, walks, and thinks; imbibing soul in to the brand so that it becomes capable enough to build meaningful relationships with people.

Brand Communication Strategy

We, at Litmus, build comprehensive brand communication strategies that construct proactive brand recall value among the targeted consumer group. The initial components like vision, mission, and major offering dictates how the brand is expressed i.e., the personality, visual expression, voice etc. Later the decisions about the logo, tagline, and name will stem from these fundamental elements. Being an adept brand strategy agency, we answer the major W’s—what, why, where, when and of course the H—How! The right brand strategy dictates the marketing strategy as well. It helps communicate with consumers consistently with the right messaging.

The right brand communication strategy doesn’t end here. It’s also the art of predicting all the “what if” scenarios, knowing what kind of customers you are likely to court five-six years down the line, what communication tools or tech devices to put in place.

Creative Boutique

The groundwork that goes in the foundation of creative campaigns strengthens the futuristic undertaking and it will work because of the sole reason—knowing what their promise is! Defining the business purpose, which is completely different from achieving profitability, is the heart of any brand strategy; and we, as Western India’s renowned brand strategy agency, craft the central unifying idea for numerous brands. An idea which works as a compass for all the actions, behaviours and communications associated with the brand.

One of the major reasons why Litmus Branding is one of the most sought after brand strategy consulting firms is our ability to look inwardly, intermittently and determine if your, existing or recently formulated, brand strategy is working or there is a need to tweak it as per the market needs.

Clarity over Cleverness

Creativity is inseparable from clarity. Brands have the liberty to play with the brand message in the name of creativity but at the same time have the responsibility to make it clear and meaningful. Brand strategizing companies are thus responsible for breaking the conventional mould of thinking and crafting a differentiation factor. Litmus is one of those brand strategizing agencies that research and evaluate every possible piece of information, weigh options, and decide on the best course of action for brands.
Partner with an agency which is more than a mere brand strategy consulting firm;
Partner with the catalysts for greater communication;
Partner with Litmus!

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