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Brand Strategy

A brand strategy defines the 1H & 5Ws for your brand - How, What, When, Where, Why and Whom to communicate your brand's message to.


52% of consumers expect brands to know when the right moments are, to communicate.


Brands with poor company branding pay 10% higher salaries.


Brands that have a consistent identity in communication, are 3-4 times more likely to witness visibility.


Coca-Cola spends an average of $4 billion on branding each year.


Brand strategy is the big umbrella that consists of several elements like purpose, positioning, visual & verbal communication strategy, etc. A brand strategy guides every marketing activity carried out for a brand, directly or indirectly. A well-defined and well-executed brand marketing strategy helps you deliver a consistent brand message and build a legitimate emotional connection with your customers. Your brand strategy is what helps you stand out from competitors.


Running a brand without having a strategy is like a fan running without a regulator. It will still run, but you would have no control over it. A brand strategy is needed right at the beginning of a brand's journey. Yes, the brand marketing strategy will have to be evaluated frequently and even changed whenever necessary but it should be in place since day 0, i.e, before your brand has been launched in the market.

Research and analysis

As your brand strategy agency, we carry out in-depth industry research, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis that helps us derive a competitive advantage for your brand. This advantage will be reflected in your brand strategy and eventually in your communication.

By asking and answering the right questions

What is the objective of your brand? How will you communicate it? What problems will your brand solve? How will you identify your customers? How will you engage with your potential customers? As one of the experienced brand strategy consulting firms, we find the appropriate answers to these questions.

Not just letting it remain a document

We make your brand strategy in such a way that it is actionable and does not just remain a document on your desks. We give you a derivation of our research, the conclusion of the derivation, and explain the approach to be taken to apply your brand strategy at various stages of your brand's journey.

How much?

If we join hands for brand strategy, our association shall be long term and we cannot put a fixed price on that.

What? When? Where? Why? Whom? & How?
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