This isn't
just a story.

It's the reason of our existence.

We love doing what
we were meant to do.

We keep working. We keep falling in love with what we have been doing. We keep enjoying the process. During this process, we keep adding new skills, we keep evolving and we keep taking risks. Sometimes, we get stuck. Sometimes, we move ahead. And sometimes, we feel that 'Astitva' is helping us. All through these years, we have learnt so many things and unlearnt some too. This is our story. And honestly, we are enjoying it to the fullest.

You'd love to have a look.

Litmus Branding Client Visit - Ecostan

Seeing the Machines at Ecostan, Ludhaina up close & realizing how challenging it really is.

Sharing the vision for the year ahead at LitFest 2023

Sharing the vision for the year ahead at LitFest 2023

Sharing the achievements, setting the goals

Sharing the achievements, setting the goals

Ready to drive the vision

Ready to drive the vision

Planning together, growing together

Planning together, growing together

Exploring opportunities at Gulfood 2023, Dubai

Exploring opportunities at Gulfood 2023, Dubai

Lights. Camera. Action.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Ad-shoot for Welme in Mumbai

Ad-shoot for Welme in Mumbai

One step at a time

One step at a time

Learning together, growing together.

Learning together, growing together.

Diwali Festival

Our Lit Diwali.


The rest after the run.


The finishers and the winners.

A sunrise to remember, at Mt. Abu.

Up on the Toad rock.

We're a family.

Are their legs paining after all the dancing?

LItfest 2022

Heading straight to the farm.

Come, walk with us.

Litmusians - Litthonners !

Litmusians - Litthonners !

Umm, what are they talking about?

First, Second, Third = Piyush, Kapil, Abhishek.

Rooting for the big win.

Who gets tired after a 5 KM run? Not them.

Diwali delights.

Construction work in progress for Bonasila's new factory.


Litminton at Neon Tennis Academy

The artist, sketching after ages.

His art.

Making moments memorable.

Full size Painting (36" x 48") done by Vipul at Oilpixel.

A rare beach highway at Madhavpur in India.

Enjoying from home :)

A visitor flew in & perched on Mac right after we resumed from Diwali Break.

Is this for real?

Have Raw

Photoshoot for HaveRaw Lamp.

लोग जुड़ते गए कारवाँ बनता गया ।

पहचान कौन?

Roadside rhythm.

Lost in the melody.

Lost in the melody.

Fresh breeze and happy faces.

At Gulfood, Dubai.

Flavours of the world under one roof.

All ready, all set.

Sky is not the limit.

We knew, one day we too will make planters this biiiig.

The second baby of Litmus. We named it 'Mistose'.

Mistose is now Bonsila.

Sssshhhh.... Don't disturb.

Sweet Dreams, Gilu & Kapil.

Our planter samples at Maxxis.

What are these guys upto?

All dressed up for our Mallu's wedding.

Litmusians at Mallu's wedding reception.

A south Indian wedding ritual.

litmus 2018

At the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur.

litmus 2018
litmus 2018

A captivating view, worth capturing.

litmus 2018

Aye aye captain, sail the boat with all onboard.

Capturing the beauty before catching the flight.

litmus 2018

Inner engineering, an experience of a lifetime.

Gilu's first day at home.

Sweet 16 :)

खुशियाँ, बांटने से बढ़ती हैं.. और मिठास भी ।

મારે ટોડલે બેઠો રે, ગીલુ .

Litmus Annual Meet .

Our founder with a mic, that's rare..

Celebrating togetherness.

A proud moment.

What an amazing journey.

Raise your hands.

And the award goes to... all of them

Finally, Brinda gets married. All the best to Nikhil.

The beauty of Bhutan.

Let’s fly away, up above the sky.

One by the river.


Go on, I am listening.

On the streets of Jamjodhpur

Click it, check it.

Hey, listen up.

I've got the power.

Just chill.

Let's hang out.

Sometimes, words aren't needed.

लोग जुड़ते गए कारवाँ बनता गया ।

I click you, you click me.

Our second trip to Mt. Abu.

Saturdays at Terrace.

Our client Emcer at Vibrant Gujarat.

And the award for the Best Performer of the Year goes to Hitesh.

Award for the Best Graphic Designer of the Year goes to Himanshu.

One for one of the Rockstars, Priyank

He is a rockstar and his tea makes us all rockstars too.

Celebrating the victory, loud & happy.

Celebrating the victory, loud & happy.

Brainstorming for our client CB Patel.

Celebrating 15 Lit years.

Guess who? Our first celebrity shoot for CB Patel.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10......698! ઓહ બાપ રે.

Selfie with Mandira.

॥ॐ नमः शिवाय ॥ Painting by Oilpixel for a temple.

You see 3 Shilpans? Come on, I see just one.

Learning, sharing & growing.

Cross court return in the air.

A lunch with our guests from IIM-U, William and Joel.

Our Directors attending a Meditation Camp at Osho Ashram at Pune.

Shades, shades and shades... चाय पे चर्चा 

लोग जुड़ते गए कारवाँ बनता गया ।

Celebrating 13 years of Litmus.

Bolo shri .......................... ki jay. E ame upadya.

એ હાલો જમવા, અંડા કરી & રોટલો- from our master chef Shilpan.

Oilpixel participates in Vibrant Vivah.

Being vibrant.

Paving a way on the map, through our upcoming website.

Behind the Scenes for the 1st cultural video of Litmus.

Getting ready for the next shot.

A new venture with Vipul Pandit- Oilpixel. The digital oil painting studio.

Trying our hands on Cintiq.

Oilpixel first full-sized couple painting.

Filled with happiness inside.

12 years of building brands.

Photoshoot for Richmax Hair Colouring Shampoo.

Adjusting the focus for a clearer vision,

New office, work in progress.

Here we go!!

Our space to create & walk on the journey ahead.

At Abu with our client, Dowson

Trying the Indian way of having tea 

Curious to know, how was the click?

Our first award in screen printing for a perfume box packaging design. 

The man who brought us here. 

Enjoying the waves of success.

Ohh, look what happened to our choice of colours!!

Our 3rd office, 3 times in size than the previous one. And it was no less than a lottery.

In Daman, helping a friend meet a deadline. But finishing it before time. 

The first hello of Litmus to the world from our founder.

First Day, First Impression.

॥ श्री गणेशाय नमः ॥

Small team with a big vision.