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The clothes that you tailor for your products.


70% of customers judge a brand solely based on packaging.


52% of customers admit that if the packaging looks good, they are willing to pay more for the product.


30% of companies say they experience a boost in revenue when they improve product packaging.


A product's packaging design talks to your customers much before you do. It is mostly the first, last and probably the best chance to sell your product. But, movement of the product from shelves is not the only purpose of a creative packaging design; it is capable of doing so much more.


Packaging design is necessary when you want to lend a new look to your brand based on market feedback or simply for branding purposes. It is also considered when you want to add a new category to your existing business line. And, above everything else, when you realise that unbranded products are hard to sell.

Product features

The size, the form, the quantity, etc. are all the factors that are considered before deciding the packaging style.

Market understanding

The market that the product will be sold in and the pricing bracket that it will fall in are also considered to give the product packaging its final look.


In the future, the product may have different sizes, or it may be sold in a completely different market. In both cases, the packaging should be easily adaptable to still remain appealing

How Much?

Master packaging design with photography: ₹5,00,000 
Packaging design without photography (Illustrative): ₹3,00,000 
Variant & size Adaptations: ₹30,000 each

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Some 3,500 years ago, NABISCO (National Biscuit Company) created the first branded packaging design for selling their biscuits.