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We are Litmus.

We set our

We can be your next
best branding company.

Everyone has their own definition of standards.
What do standards mean? How can someone set them?

We set a personal benchmark every time we crack an idea, do research, execute strategies or typically everything else, and the next time we're at it, we simply do not accept anything less. That is how we keep setting our standards. That is how we keep building brands.

We believe in standardizing the process before beginning to work on anything. We ask ourselves, how can this be made simple? Simple yet significant.

What more do we need to know? What questions do we need to ask? What steps can be taken to reach the next level? The right answers to these questions help bring the right results. And this is what pushes us in our journey of becoming one of the best branding companies in India. 


We define a framework on how, what, where, when and whom to communicate your brand's message. And why?


A creative & well-thought design can be a powerful aspect for brand attraction. So why not let your book be judged by its cover?


We are the branding company that can drive your customers' perceptions, emotions and preferences to build a recall-worthy experience.


Ideas are everywhere. Execution is rare.

We believe that the only ideas that get executed are ones that matter. Nothing else matters.

We generate ideas, just by बातचीत (conversations). Sometimes बातचीत becomes बकवास also, but we know when to stop. :) When in an intense बातचीत, we forget to drink, eat or take breaks.

And at the end, everything just happens.


To be the branding agency most admired for creativity and effectiveness.


We will always be committed to empower our people and help brands reach their full potential.


Trust, Transparency & Teamwork.

Estd. 2001

Our journey began with a small design studio having an in-house printing facility. But the dream was huge-to become a sought-after, global branding company. Over the last 2 decades, we learnt a lot, enjoyed a lot and made our mark nationally & internationally. We take pride in calling ourselves 'Litmusians' and this feeling fills us up & thrills us to keep going, keep hustling.

Being a Litmusian is knowing what it feels like to have almost everyday filled with enthusiasm & excitement. We work together. We argue endlessly. We run marathons. We play games. We smash boundaries. We grow together. We do it all.

Ah, we really can't express in words what being a Litmusian is like!

We are Litmus. We are Limitless.

Digital Experience

How many times a day do you open your browser? Or hit 'Ctrl+S'? Or transfer files? Or scroll?

Can't keep count, can you?
Look around you, the world is becoming digital and the pace at which the digital world is growing is unimaginable. And unstoppable.

  • Digital strategy
  • User experience (UX)
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • CMS and Wordpress
  • Content creation

With our digital branding services, we make your brand's digital presence strong and your customer's digital experience memorable.

Brand Experience

How often do you refer a brand to someone? And why? It is only because of the experiences you have. Simply put, brand experience is about how a brand has made its customers feel.

  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate identity
  • Campaigns
  • Graphic design
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Video production

Brand experience is built before, during and after every interaction a customer has with your product or service. We are the branding company that enriches your brand on your behalf and makes its experience worth sharing.

For 21+ years, as a creative branding agency, we have built experiences. For our clients and their customers. 

Our Guiding Principles

Change is the only constant but some things will never change at Litmus.

We keep changing, we keep learning but we don't change the way we work. We have always been passionate about diving deep into whatever we do and that doesn't change.

While we feel great happiness in what we do, we are not afraid to look at ourselves with the eye of a critic. We always put ourselves out of the picture and look at the situations without bias.

When we work for Bonasila, Oilpixel, Pawstro or HaveRaw, we get a feeling of accomplishment. This feeling is the same when we work for Bondzil, Mitsubishi, Jollies, IIMs & all our clients as their creative branding agency. This is why we don't try to take ownership. It comes to us naturally.

There isn't a single day without energy being the main ingredient of all our activities. We truly enjoy what we do and that doesn't make work feel like work.

There is no such thing as 'my idea'. There is no such thing as a 'useless idea'. We keep our minds open to seek ideas, coming from any person, any place and any situation.

We believe in endless possibilities. We don't restrict ourselves, we don't limit our imagination. We believe in anything. And everything.

"Is it possible?", "How can this be done?"
This ignites a fire within us. We get ready to find the answers and ask more questions.

We believe in people. We believe in relationships. We believe in skills. We believe in diverse ideas. We have conflicts, fights, debates & arguments, but we always know we are one.