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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the marketing of a brand and it's products & services on different social media channels. 


33% of internet users would rather contact a brand via social media than call them.


64% of users make a purchase after watching a video on social media.


62% of marketers say that social listening is the best SMM tactic.


Some of the most popular platforms for social media marketing are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. On these platforms, marketing is done in the form of ads which are shown to users on the basis of their specific interests. Ad campaigns on these platforms are run for various purposes like increasing reach, generating leads, brand awareness, website visits, follower increment amongst others.


We live in such an era that the answer to 'when' is now. But before answering 'when', answering 'why' is necessary. Why are social media accounts needed? They are the easiest and the quickest way to reach the end users of your brand. If your social media accounts are not updated or they don't reach your users at regular intervals, social media marketing can help cover that gap. If your accounts have active ads, your potential customers will get to know about your product/service, because ads are run according to interests and user behaviour. If you are a startup or even an old brand, not having a social media presence can prove to be a huge risk. This is because your users will search for you on any channel that they use.

Social media audit

In case of an existing social media account, the first step is audit. An analysis of the existing or past posts and ads is carried out and based on the same, new ad campaigns are planned. For a new brand, audit becomes research that aids the creation of accounts from scratch.

Platforms & budgets

We choose platforms that are the most preferred according to your brand. We then create ad campaigns and run them on these platforms according to the product/service and the audience. We monitor the results on a regular basis and make modifications wherever and whenever needed.


We generate reports at regular intervals and on the basis of these reports, we plan the campaigns further, optimize them and introduce new campaigns if need be.

How much?

The ad budgets depend on how aggressively you want to market your brand on social media. But, it's not just about spending those budgets to trigger purchase. It's more than that. With SMM, you are making a brand. So, you should be prepared to look at the bigger purpose. We will be, too. 

A new social media account is created every 6.4 seconds.