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Brand Identity

Brand identity is a combination of several elements of a brand such as the brand name, logo, tagline, corporate identity design, etc.


46% of customers stated they'd pay more for brands with a trustable identity.


Employing a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%


Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33 percent.


What the word identity means for a person is almost the same in the context of a brand. Your brand identity design does more than just introducing you to your consumers. It makes your brand stand out, instantly recognizable and occupy a distinct space in your consumers' mind. For example when 'Just do it' reminds us of Nike, and the Golden Arches of McDonalds, it is nothing but brand identity at play. A brand identity design agency understands what element of your product/service can make your brand stand out and surrounds the entire design and communication around it.


Be it launching a brand, launching a new product, creating visual communication materials or any other promotional activities, brand identity is needed everywhere. The objective is to ensure that every asset or promotional materials bears a certain identity in terms of its visual communication approach, so that your brand can be recognized and recalled easily. Building an identity, is all about consistency.

Defining typography

Typography is not something that your customers might really know of in technicality but they definitely make an impression on the basis of it. Whether you will have rounded or edgy fonts, what will be their usage in terms of prominence, etc. are some of the factors that we take care of.

The magic of colours

Colours have a psychological impact and that holds true for the identity of your brand too. The usage of colours by some of the biggest brands across the world has been done in a strategic manner. You see a colour, you feel an emotion and that emotion should be connected with your brand. We choose the right colours for your brand.

Forms & shapes

Another subtle yet effective element that has a visual impact on your identity is the shape and form you use. Every form reflects a certain feeling-warm, bold, confident, sleek, sharp, dynamism, minimalism etc. These forms play a vital role in communicating the kind of identity you reflect as a brand.

Adapt and adopt

All the aforementioned elements are the building blocks of your brand identity. We make sure we pay attention to each of these and also keep a scope open for changes that may arise, based on expert internal and external review.

How much?

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Nike's swoosh sign is one of the most recognizable brand identities across the globe.