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Events and Exhibitions

Events are held to celebrate an occasion. Exhibitions are all about participating in any conference or exhibiting your products on a particular 


The Great Exhibition of 1851, held in Hyde Park, London, was the first ever international exhibition for manufactured products.


82% of attendees in an exhibition have the authority to make purchase.


52% of attendees are more likely to enter an exhibit if a giveaway is being offered.


Bringing together a specific community for a purpose or celebrating a particular occasion in a real-time scenario, is called an event. Most of the time, these events are held for your stakeholders, associates or clients. Exhibitions, on the other hand, are events that play the role of an aggregator between the buyers and sellers of a particular industry.


When your product/service is such that it does not constantly remain in a physical set-up, you meet your audience through the medium of events & exhibitions. When your presence is in a particular location and you want to reach a potential audience beyond it, you participate in an exhibition happening somewhere else.

Understanding your purpose

We understand exactly why you want to organize an event or participate in an exhibition, what are you trying to achieve out of it and what kind of message do you want to pass on to your visitors.

Event & exhibition designs

The designs made for events and exhibitions not only aid in better showcasing of your brand, product, service or purpose but also help create an environment suitable to the particular set-up. These designs are made keeping their physical applications in mind and are then adapted to suit digital promotions if needed.

How much?

This depends on the magnitude of your event or the exhibition you are participating in.

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