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Logo Design

Logo is a symbol or a design by which you represent your organization in front of your customers.


Consumers are more likely to remember a brand after they’ve seen the logo 5-7 times.


90% of people around the world instantly recognise the logo of Coca-Cola.


It took Nike’s logo designer, Carolyn Davidson, 17.5 hours to come up with the swoosh.


The history of logos can be traced back to the days when people used to put a mark on their cattle, trade with it and call it a trademark. A logo can be an abstract, mascot, combination mark, emblem, lettermark, pictorial mark or wordmark. It is the face of your brand and how the audience remembers you as well.

Whether it is rebranding or making an entirely new logo, the identity of your business starts with your logo. Many a times, even the name of your brand might be highlighted later or simultaneously, but the logo always holds a prominent position. Your logo design should literally be a reflection of your brand w.r.t the product/service and the vision, to say the least.


When your company is entirely new and due for a launch. When you are introducing a new product in your existing business. When you are considering rebranding your existing identity. When you feel that your existing logo has become obsolete and needs a makeover. When there have been mergers or acquisitions in your business. These could be the possibilities.

Making it timeless

We make simple, meaningful logos that relate to your product or service well.

Relevant across platforms

10 years ago, the platforms for logs were limited. Now the media where logos are displayed are so many that we make sure it stays relevant and visible across them all.

Product/Service considerations

The size of your product, it's weight, the audience and the users, the fonts & the colours that will appeal them is all taken into consideration. For a service, the intangible factors are taken into account.

How much?

As a part of a package, the rates are decided accordingly. If logo design is being done as a standalone service, it starts from ₹5,00,000.

In 1971, Carolyn Davidson designed the iconic logo of Nike and charged just $35 for it.