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OOH & Print Design

OOH Ads are short for Out Of Home Advertising. As the name suggests, it is anything and everything that you see in the form of advertisements when you're out of your home. 

Print ads mean those that are printed in hard copy media and non-media publications.


97% of consumers who read billboard ads easily recall what they read.


98% of consumers are exposed to some form of OOH advertising every week.


The possible avenues of OOH ads are wall-scapes, billboards (that include unipoles, large format hoardings, gantries, kiosks), digital billboards, hand-painted murals, transit ads (bus shelters, railway stations, airports), ambient advertising (escalators, roads, floors) & experiential advertising (comprising of AR/VR experiences).
Print ads include newspapers, magazines, direct posts, flyers & posters, directories, etc.


Despite being one of the most traditional forms of advertising, OOH and print ads have remained relevant to date. The primary purpose they serve is awareness and recall. Their requirement comes into the picture when a brand wants to run any kind of promotions for their business such as a launch, offers, etc.

Identifying the Pulse

We identify what the pulse of your city is, what is the language the people connect to, what is it that your brand wants to convey and how to communicate all of this to the audience.

Concepts based on avenues

On the basis of which avenue you have chosen to advertise on, we conceptualize your ads.

How much?

This completely depends on your media budget.

The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper of Japan has a daily morning circulation of more than 10 Million copies, the highest in the world.