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Web Design & 

Designing the layout of a website in a manner that enhances the experience of the visitors, is known as web design. When this web design is coded to be made interactive, responsive and integrated will all the essential functionalities, that set of activities is known as web development. 


94% of people say poor web design is the reason they mistrust a website.


Every month, WordPress is searched an average 2,940,000 times.


Only 1% of website visitors use sliders or carousels.


Web design and development deals with the detailed process of planning a website's flow, its visual and content strategy, conceptualizing an identity and ensuring that all the necessary web functionalities have been integrated. The final execution involves the development of a mobile responsive website with a front end aimed at giving a good user experience and a backend for an admin's control over the website's content involving images, copy, product information etc.


The need for a web & UI/UX design arises right from the time a brand decides to go digital. In today's day and age, a business without a website is almost unimaginable. A website may just be informative or be equipped with an E-Commerce functionality and in both cases, web design plays an important role. Once your web design is ready, the development begins.

A web design with easy navigation

We ensure that your web design has easy navigation & it ensures a smooth user experience. Precisely placed content helps the audience spend less time figuring and more time enjoying the web experience.

Web development, stage 3: Testing & delivery

In this phase, the website is tested for mobile responsiveness, frontend to backend integration, plugin integrations, other features working well and finally, bugs & fixes. After a complete QA, the website is migrated to the live server. We then keep a watch on the website for 72 hours, at least.

Web development, stage 1: Planning

As a part of the first step, we review the sitemap and analyze all the designs. This is done in order to plan which technology or language has to be used and which method of development has to be adopted to build the website further. In this stage, we also get to know what can be the challenges, what additional resources will be needed and what will be the timeline until completion.

Web development, stage 2: Implementation

As we begin the implementation, we develop the homepage, the unique pages and the standard pages. Additionally, the development with regards to interactive features and other functionalities defined in the scope is also executed in a step-by-step manner. Once the entire website has been developed, the next phase begins.

How Much?

Depends on the number & type of pages you want to get designed & developed. To give an approximate idea, this service starts from ₹4,50,000.


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