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Email Marketing

Email marketing consists of sending emails to a group of customers or associates for the purpose of promotions or sharing information.


Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent.


80% of professionals stated that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.


61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly. 38% would like emails to come even more frequently.


Email marketing is an activity that helps you talk about your products and services in your customer's personal space.
By 2023, there will be an estimated 4.3 billion global email users, according to Statista.
Brands are deploying AI—powered tools for various email marketing functions
There are various types of emails-
Promotional Emails
Alerts, Updates
Transactional Emails
Subscription Emails
Monthly Newsletters
Informational Emails
With every email, if people are made to feel that their needs are being met or the email is talking directly to them about something that they think is relevant, the email marketing services are more likely to witness success.


Emails serve different purposes at different occasions. They help you stay connected to your existing/potential customers with necessary information. They can be an easy way to talk about updates, alerts and reminders. Promotions can be sent across multiple times a week for your products or services. Apart from this, welcome emails and newsletters are also routed through email marketing.

A strong subject line

An email template design comes second, the first thing that your email contact will really see is your subject line & we make sure it is click-worthy. Although, remember, it need not be misleading to be catchy.

A definite purpose

The intent of the email should be clear, first of all. Then, we decide where will the email lead the customer. CTAs can lead your customer to multiple avenues such as, website/landing page, social media account, whatsapp, or simply open a reply in the mail-trail. Next comes the frequency of emails, eg.- once a week or once a day.

Email design

The purpose drives the design in case of emailers. There should be a clear message delivery in the first scroll itself and moving from there, the length, the colours used, the fonts and the overall look & feel of the email should be in alignment.

How much?

We prefer not to offer email marketing as a standalone service.

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