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Brand Audit

Brand Audit is the inspection and evaluation of your brand's core communication and values, its assets, overall market presence and its current positioning. 


A brand audit helps you understand how customers look at and interact with your business. It gives an insight into the strengths and the weaknesses of the brand and this analysis helps explore growth opportunities. Brand audit helps understand how your brand is performing and what can be done to improve this performance. Ultimately, your vision & values get aligned with your communication and the expectation of the customers are automatically met.


When your brand strategies are failing, a brand audit gives a deeper look into the reason why. When a brand wants to undergo a complete rebranding, it is just like creating a new brand and auditing the past challenges and achievements becomes very important here. In case a brand wants to undergo repositioning, audit helps understand what needs to be modified to achieve the new positioning.

Market & competitor survey

While brand audit is concerned with your own brand, products and services, it is important to understand the market in which you stand, to know what is working and what is not-for you as well as for competitor brands.

Brand communication survey

Everything about your brand starting from the brand identity, the marketing collaterals, the visual and communication approach, and the online-offline channels are thoroughly analysed. Then on the basis of a feasibility study, we suggest what should be revamped and what could remain the same.

Bringing change

This is not a step in the audit, it comes next but, the audit is of no use if the change doesn't happen. The suggested changes for different aspects of your current branding will propel the much needed visibility in the future.

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