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Monitoring, Analysis & Audits

Competitive analysis and audits are a strategic process of understanding your competitor's behaviour, studying their advertising tactics and analysing what makes them visible and preferred amongst consumers. 


46% of customers stated they'd pay more for brands with a trustable identity


Imagine entering a sea with no knowledge of what it holds! Competitive analysis and audits help you ascertain information about the mega players in that sea, analyse their key strategies, dissect their marketing tactics and get a competitive edge by catering to their audience.


Right from inception till the time the brand breathes, competitive analysis and audit is required at all stages. The strengths, weaknesses, unique deliverables, key features, missions, objectives and a lot more about your competitors can help you in defining yours whilst enjoying an edge when you enter and sustain in the market. The right time to do this is always “now”. While seizing the market, you have to know what your competitors do and do all of it better!

Determine competitive market share

We analyze your competitors’ strength and market share and conduct an in-depth research and competitive audit to decipher what led them to capture the audience. The research conducted is detailed and in-depth, rest assured, your business is bound to enjoy a competitive edge.

Communicate matrix and strategies

Our years of experience and refined knowledge ensures that we formulate crisp and complete matrices comparing your competitor’s performance against yours. It helps in clearer understanding whilst formulating the hence coming strategies.

How much

Comes as a package service with brand strategy, positioning strategy or any of the digital services. Never done standalone.

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"Your move, BMW"- Audi
"Checkmate"- BMW
"Check Yourself"- Audi

Thats was the brand war on 3 billboards between two competitors- BMW & Audi.