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Public and Media Relation

The relation that brands develop with their public audiences and the media by sharing information, creating awareness and building reputation.


The global PR market is worth more than $97 Billion USD.


88% of PR specialists say that digital storytelling is the future.


It is important to understand that using the words public relations and media relations interchangeably is incorrect. Media relations is simply a company's relationship with the media and media people while public relations is the relationship of the company with the general public, through the media.


Public & Media Relation activities are undertaken for multiple purposes. When a brand wants to go big, on a local, regional or national level, when it wants its customers, stakeholders and investors to know about its business and how it is going to affect them, or simply when it wants to present itself to new customers. Public & Media Relation gives you access to a large number of niche audiences, wherein the type of audience, the choice of content often depends on the nature of the business.

Understanding the purpose, the platform and the people

First, we understand the reason why you want to do a PR release. Is it to convey some news or just to send out a piece of information. Based on that, we decide the platform and that automatically decides the people who will see the information or news. For example, a news related to launching a new collection can be conveyed in a magazine or a web publication but an information related to hiring of a new member in the Board of Directors may need a more formal platform.

Budget utilization

Ofcourse, the budgets and the platforms run hand in hand, but if the platforms are pre-decided, the budgets are released accordingly. In most cases, the target media list is decided according to the budget and the platform, the people and the purpose are synced with it. We utilize and don't just use your budgets.

How much?

The activities that you wish to promote, the type of publications you choose from the Target Media List and the frequency of the promotions, are all the factors that will determine the price. 

Nike spent approximately $3.11 Billion on PR activities in the year 2021.