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We know nothing.

We seek everything.

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Alone, it seems impossible but together it doesn't. We all understand the level of expertise we have in our respective fields and we keep increasing it. Whatever we learn individually, we share with each other. And that's what makes 'Team Litmus' more powerful. 

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2 Vacancies

Measure everything in numbers?

Do you remain subscribed to everything that happens in the digital space? Do clicks and statistics amuse you? Can you find anyone and show them that ad? Then we want you to send us a friend request.

2 Vacancies

Can you make a rock talk?

Are you a people's person? Can you befriend changes and reiterations? Can you understand the hidden meaning behind words and respond to it? Then we want to be your friend.

3 Vacancies

Do designs and their power amuse you?

Do you love the world of designs? Do you want to explore it further? Do you have an unending quest to design creatives that can leave the viewer in awe? If yes, come join us. Let's wander in the graphic design space together.

2 Vacancies

This is all it takes to be a Copywriter.

Passionate about writing? Excited about starting/elevating your career? Promise not to use jargon? Be aware of grammar and not be a nazi? That’s it, that’s all it takes, for now.