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Photography, Film & Animation

Photography, Film & Animation are visual media that help create and express a brand's personality. It includes multiple aspects like product photography services, screenwriting, storyboarding, set design, etc. which usher thoughtful storytelling. 


67% of consumers stated that the quality of a product image is "extremely important" in choosing & buying a product.


39% of marketers stated that short-form video ads generate the highest ROI.


When watching a video, viewers retain 95% of the message, compared to 10% when reading it in text.


An image speaks a thousand words. And a moving image conveys countless emotions. Photography, filmmaking and animation give an opportunity to build a strong narrative around and about a brand which can cut through the clutter. The impact created through these media elements is too big to ignore.


In this era of the digital revolution, multimedia services such as product photography services, film production and 2D-3D animation have become must-haves to cater to the right audience, regardless of the industry your brand functions in. Hence, it's beneficial to have a dedicated and experienced partner for all multimedia requirements right from the initial phase.

Define the scope

A clear goal and a definitive action plan is the first step towards all-round success. Hence, before we start working on a photography, film or animation project, we carry out in-depth research of similar types of brands who have communicated through these media and chart down a crystal clear scope of work which would be relevant for our brand.

The process

Photography, film and animation are avenues that cannot afford a lot of improvisation at every step. Hence, we chart out the whole process right from the start and try to stick to it as much as possible.

How much?

Depends on the product that has to be photographed. Or, depends on the purpose and the message of the film to be made. Offered as a package deal. 

The first commercial photography process was named the Daguerrotype.