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Brand Name & Tagline

Brand name is the word with which people call and recall you. Tagline is the supportive phrase of a brand name that conveys what the brand does or stands for.


72% of the best brand names are fabricated words or acronyms.


77% of people refer to particular products by brand names.


A brand name is no different than the name of a baby. Before choosing it, you may ask your friends and family, you may also take help from the internet, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you already have your heart set on one name for the newborn. Once a name has been given to a child, it will remain that way forever. The same applies to brands.
A tagline is a catchphrase or a slogan that directly conveys what the brand is or what are the value proposition that its products or services add to their customers.


Do you really need a brand name consultant like us? Yes and No.

Yes. That is because we might be able to come up with options that are in line with your line of business and also match your choices, in some cases.
No, you might not need a brand naming service only under one scenario - when you have already chosen a brand name and in no case will you be changing it, or there is no need to change it. (Yes, that happens.)
Once your brand name has been frozen, the need to create a tagline arises. This tagline then usually goes on to become a part of your logo.

Based on your product/service

We come up with names based on the type of product/service you are going to launch, the potential users and the characteristics that it needs to have (eg.- feminine, masculine, gender-neutral, global or regional touch).

Selection Criteria

Qualities such as spelling, pronunciation, recall value, uniqueness, short length, trademark availability, domain availability, etc. are considered for brand names. We frame your tagline in such a way that it can convey the overall purpose of your existence or the problem that your brand will solve. Eg., For a Silicone Sealants Brand called Bondzil, the tagline we gave was, 'The Seal of Perfection'.

How much?

Brand name: ₹2,00,000 (10 options) 
Tagline: ₹1,00,000 (5 options) 
Non-refundable. Non-negotiable.