Digital Marketing Strategy for Edtech Business

by Shreyas Nair  |  15th Jun, 2022 in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy for Edtech Business

An effective digital marketing strategy is essential for any business and EdTech businesses are not an exception either. You got to have a robust online marketing strategy in place and that becomes possible if you know the right channels to tap.

From increasing brand awareness to improving products/services exposure, there are myriad advantages of using the right mix of digital marketing channels. Let’s take a look at some ultra-useful and effective marketing strategies for your EdTech startup.

Digital Marketing Strategy for a Successful EdTech Business

Create SEO Strategy to Grow Business Organically

Start with a comprehensive SEO audit and watch out Having an EdTech website isn’t enough if it doesn’t rank on search engines for a particular set of keywords. Using the right SEO strategy is the key to optimizing your website for better outcomes. You must employ thorough keyword research to ensure that the best keywords related to the course content can be used in the website and other promotional content.

for both non-critical as well as SEO-critical issues. Organic SEO strategy is the most recommended, efficient, and cost-effective way to drive traffic to your official EdTech website.

Key decision-makers from educational institutes search for premium & useful content related to the industry. With the increasing influence of technology on education, they actively search for the best platforms they can use for organizing online classes. Hence, it becomes more important for you to focus on crucial SEO activities.

Create Informative Content Regarding Edtech Business

Google encourages businesses to create useful, engaging, and informative content that answers the problems of users. Thus creating a good content marketing strategy should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy if you want your business to succeed in the cut-throat competition and be the master at SEO warfare.

Considering that the competition is increasing rapidly in the EdTech industry, you need to have a winning strategy as a far-sighted company. Quality content that’s well-researched and offers value for your business makes a huge difference. It will aid in attracting the attention of reputed publications which is an added advantage.

You got to stay focused and relevant to your niche. For instance, if your product is based on project-based learning activities, you should invest in creating case studies

Recent trends indicate that long-form content is becoming increasingly popular. On one hand, long-form content covers all the topics related to a particular subject and helps readers get answers to all questions they have in mind and on the other hand, it boosts the SEO prospects of your website.

Capture the audience’s attention with engaging UX

Another important element for branding  is the user experience (UX). No matter how much you invest in content or digital marketing, the absence of an efficient user experience is enough to drive away your prospects.

A slow-loading website with broken links is not well-received by visitors or Google. Keep the navigation across the website smooth and purposeful to help users quickly find what they are looking for rather than doing guesswork.

Use Freebies Strategy to Target Audience

Everybody loves freebies and as an EdTech company, your target audience is no exception either. Offer freebies and encourage your customers to upgrade to an advanced plan. Free courses on a variety of topics will help you establish trust and position yourself as a niche leader.

Reach out Audience with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an incredible weapon in your digital marketing arsenal which should be utilized optimally. As an enterprise looking to expand your reach, you must pick the right social media marketing platform to reach out to your target audience.

Social media has turned out to be a game-changer for EdTech businesses and they increasingly understand the mammoth potential of omnichannel marketing. Another critical element to driving better audience engagement is creating a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. Hence, hire a good social media marketing agency who are expert in branding and can help you to reach your targeted audience.

Leverage Influencer Marketing Strategy

Precise-targeting and hyper-personalized pitches are the need of the hour to drive better customer engagement. Also, the use of data mining and segmentation becomes important in influencer marketing strategy to achieve your desired goals.

To build brand awareness, your business must be present on all or relevant social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
EdTech companies are required to not lose sight of how their product or technology addresses a problem. Tailoring the message with a solution-oriented marketing approach adds more value and weightage.

Also, leverage influencer marketing and micro-influencers with a specific niche focus to reach your target audience effectively. EdTech experts, teachers, and education experts are education-focused influencers who can immensely help your EdTech business expand its reach.

Make optimum use of video marketing

Reputed Social media marketing agencies in India highly recommend including video marketing strategy in your social media marketing plan. Videos are a highly effective tool to demonstrate how online classes on your platform can benefit educational institutes and students. In the post-pandemic era, EdTech companies harnessed the potential of Facebook and YouTube to target EdTech experts, teachers, influencers, and parents through engaging videos that highlight the benefits of their platform and course content.

You can also showcase video testimonials for social proof which will help you win the trust of millions of potential clients. Sharing video content on YouTube and other social media platforms will significantly boost lead conversion for you.

Rule out ineffective digital marketing strategies

As an EdTech business, you have to understand that the fate of your EdTech product is pretty much tied to the quality of your digital marketing strategies. Getting rid of strategies that are no longer effective is a good idea.

In the past few years, EdTech companies have understood that interaction is the key. Encourage institutes and students to share their experiences on social media platforms to build a community around your products. There are a plethora of social media management tools such as Hootsuite that can play an instrumental role in creating and sharing highly engaging social media content.

Map out buyer’s journey

The buying cycle is pretty different and often lengthier in the EdTech industry. Besides, it also involves a number of decision-makers. So, how does it affect the buyer’s journey?

As a business, you intend to know your marketing funnel well and that calls for mapping out the buyer’s journey. In the context of EdTech, it is often time-consuming. Focus on the entry funnels, triggers, and also loopholes in the process as a whole.

Incorporate Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is not an old hat. It is one of the most effective strategies. Crafting attention-grabbing emails that are personalized to the problems and interests of the target audience are sure to fetch dividends in the long run.

Email marketing automation by leveraging the potential of feature-rich email marketing systems can aid in the seamless management of list segmentation, email creation, delivery, and lead generation forms.

Performing an in-depth study about various decision-makers you need to target plus list segmentation becomes important here. EdTech companies also need to adhere to all email marketing rules to avoid being labeled as spammers. It will also bring down bounce rates quite significantly.

Introduce EdTech Podcast

Since TV advertising is not always a viable option, you can harness podcasts to your benefit. Building an engaged community of listeners with an appetite for value-added content isn’t a herculean task, provided you know how to use podcasts. Podcasting renders a great opportunity for lecturers to broadcast their lectures which can be accessed by their students anytime-anywhere. Watching a recorded lecture or reading an article requires the full attention of students. On the other hand, podcasts can be accommodated alongside a routine activity.

Podcasts can help cross-promote and amplify marketing with sheer ease. The effectiveness of podcasts is unquestionable and the pandemic era highlighted that. According to a survey by Forbes more than 100 million people listened to a podcast every month in 2020 and no wonder podcasts soon became a go-to marketing channel for EdTech companies as well.

Wrapping Up

The EdTech industry is changing at a burgeoning pace and EdTech companies must focus on creating a robust digital marketing strategy to drive partnerships, sales, and brand awareness. Leveraging sophisticated targeting capabilities and tapping the right channels with a unified brand voice becomes essential for them.

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