5 amazing long-term benefits of content marketing

by Shreyas Nair  |  4th Jan, 2021 in Marketing
5 amazing long-term benefits of content marketing

Digital Marketing today is the rule rather than the exception.  Your search for Digital Marketing Agency in India alone will show you more than 25 billion hits let alone the rest of the world. As far as a digital marketing strategy goes, they may be categorized as short term – aimed at getting quick leads and conversions – and long term – aimed at fostering a long term relationship with your consumer. Content Marketing falls in the latter category. There are more benefits and several types of content marketing than you can imagine apart from nurturing your customer connect.

Search Engine Ranking

Perhaps the biggest and longest-lasting benefit from content marketing is the ability to drive SEO. No other form of marketing gives you the ability to pepper your content with search engine relevant keywords. Good quality content can improve your visibility and the ranking on search engines significantly without having to think too much about the end-user – except perhaps to the extent of how they would search for your product or service. Every new blog, web page, product description, or other content you put out there invites Google to visit you and present your site to your audience. If your content is of good quality, you’ll soon have people sharing and recommending it on various platforms increasing your reach even more.

Brand Awareness and Positioning

Good content is that which not only lures and engages your audience but also provides knowledge and value. Informative, readable content makes your consumers aware of the value they can derive from your brand. If you truly want to optimize the advantages of content marketing and have the maximum reach, ensure that your content is insightful providing your audience with useful information about the generic as well as specific aspects of your business and industry. Your consumers will carry that knowledge and your brand name along on their journey through the sales funnel. The tone in your content positions your brand as an industry leader and authority. It has the potential to make your website or blog the go-to place for your consumers as they do their pre-purchase research – the doorstep to your sales funnel – and invite them to step in. Becoming a thought leader generates trust and dependability – two emotions that are important if you want your customers to be loyal to your brand.

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Quality Leads

Of all the marketing challenges, lead generation stands way above the rest according to Hubspot. A quality lead is one that has a strong potential to convert – and content marketing is the best channel for quality leads. Content gives you the space to modulate your tone and use industry-specific language that will attract a relevant audience. It is also a great way to deliver your marketing message to your potential consumers. Besides, content is perhaps the only channel that is always open to leads, unlike other marketing channels that generate spontaneous spot-leads – many of which are curiosity visits that fail to convert. This is perhaps the reason why lead generation ranks among the top benefits of content marketing. Moreover, good content never becomes obsolete or out-dated. Once published, it will continue to deliver leads and ROI for life.

Content is Cost-Effective

Good quality content is expensive and you might think it’s running into tail spend. When you compare it to ad-spend though you’ll find that most ads are either blocked with ad-blockers or viewed for less than a second not giving the viewer enough time to discern let alone digest and decide. An article on Medium.com claims that 91% of the total ad-spend in 2017 was viewed only momentarily resulting in a waste of 38 billion US dollars. Besides, ads are meant for generating awareness. Loyalty and trust are generated through a consistent and engaging long term relationship with the consumer – and that is precisely what content marketing does. It brings your consumer back to your website repeatedly for knowledge and information increasing the likely hood of making a purchase. Your content creates a community of consumers who provide you with consistent ROI and attract more consumers.

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Accelerate Your Sales Funnel

Every consumer goes through three stages before making a purchase – Discern (become aware) Digest (Understand) Decide (Buy). Spontaneous marketing channels such asin-app ads do not give the consumer time to traverse these stages. A consumer may become aware of your brand when he sees your ad a few times but he needs much more information for understanding what you and your brand are all about. Content marketing facilitates understanding and connecting with your brand and product. The journey from awareness to understanding is long and your content marketing strategy can meet the consumer wherever he is in his journey – speeding up the conversion process and driving sales.

These are just some of the advantages of content marketing and the reason why it remains an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It is emerging as a steady and paced strategy that a digital marketing agency recognizes and leverages to meet the changing demands and trends.

Start investing in content marketing today and you will see the results.

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