Types of Logos- Exploring the World of Logos

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  29th Sep, 2023 in Branding
Types of Logos- Exploring the World of Logos

We may not realise how logos are such a constant part of our lives. Look around and you’ll see logos everywhere. The things you buy, the places you visit, the organisations you interact with, and the services you avail of, everyone has a logo as their most valuable branding asset. 

In the dynamic world of marketing and branding, logos serve as the visual identity of a company. They are the face of the brand, conveying its personality and values to the audience. Having a powerful logo is important for the business to establish a strong mental association of the logo with the brand. So whenever anyone would see the logo, they’d directly think about the brand. 

Here are some incomplete logos, Do you recognise them?  

incomplete logos

I’m sure most of you would have recognised almost all of them. They are the incomplete logos of Levi’s, Skype, Lay’s, and Nestle. This is the power of having a strong logo, even when you just see a part of it you’ll associate the colour, design, or font directly with that particular brand. Just like every time you see a swoosh, you think about Nike. 

Since a brand logo is such an essential part of the branding mix, understanding the various types of logos and how to use them effectively is crucial for any business. In this blog, we’ll delve into the 7 different types of logos.

Different Types of Logos and Their Significance


Wordmarks are a type of logo that consists of the company’s name written in a unique and distinct font. This may sound very simple but it is way more complex than that. This type of logo is perfect for brands with catchy names, or names easy to remember, or those that want to get their name recognised throughout the globe. 

If you are going for a wordmark, firstly it is important to determine if the brand design aligns with the brand personality. If your brand logo design is very sophisticated and luxurious, choose fonts that feel exquisite. If the logo design is trendy you might require louder typefaces. 

Think of the iconic “Coca-Cola” logo – it’s all about the name. 

Coco-cola logo


Monogram logos consist of the initials or acronyms of a company’s name. They are clean, concise, and timeless. Monograms can simplify the brand representation of brands with complex names. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember names, so just using initials makes it simple to speak, write, and remember the name. 

If you are going for a monogram, you can come up with a custom typeface, or pick a typeface that resonates and delivers your company’s value. 

A classic example for monogram logo is ‘IBM’ , where the company’s initials are perfectly intertwined. Also can you imagine saying ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’ everytime you want to talk about ‘NASA’? This is the magic of monograms. It makes it simpler. 

Monogram logo ideas

Pictorial Marks

Pictorial marks, also known as brand marks are graphic icons, images, or symbols that represent the brand. Some of the best logos using graphic icons are those that have a higher recognition rate. 

It is very important to choose a design which will remain timeless. This is because if you pick a symbol to represent your brand, you shouldn’t regret later when your product line and brand grows. The symbol you pick should have the ability to resonate with your brand and the design should be such that it’s easy to make changes if necessary when the brand grows. 

Do you want your logo symbol to literally relate with your brand like ‘Apple’? Or do you want a symbol  that represents what your company stands for like ‘Instagram’ where the polaroid camera represents how you can instantly capture your memories and post them online? 

Pictorial Mark logos

Abstract Logo Mark

Abstract logo marks use abstract shapes and designs to convey the essence of the brand. What differentiates it from pictorial marks is that, abstract logos are metaphorical, the symbols don’t represent real objects. 

They come with a great potential to create something unique, since they are not definitive to specific objects. Clearly define what your brand stands for and come up with a geometric symbol which aligns with your brand identity and evokes the right emotions and thoughts. 

If we see Airbnb’s abstract symbol, the design looks similar to an upside down heart and otherwise looks like an abstract A. 

Abstract Logo Mark

Emblem Logo

Emblem logos are a fusion of a pictorial mark and a wordmark enclosed in a shape, creating a unified and cohesive design. This category of logo is very popularly used by educational institutions, automotive, sports, high-end brands, and beverages. 

Emblem logos can give you an opportunity to add a tagline that reflects your brand. This logo should be created keeping smallest detail into consideration, because it’s less versatile which makes it difficult to change if needed in future.  

The “Harley-Davidson” logo is a classic emblem logo. Starbucks, Manchester United, and Warner Brothers are a few other examples. These logos exude tradition and authority.

Emblem Logo

Mascot Logo

Mascot logos feature a character or a mascot that represents the brand. The mascot can be a fictional character or a real person, all it should do is represent the brand’s identity. 

Having mascots is a very effective way of building connection with the audience. This is a very interactive logo as it becomes easy for people to naturally resonate with other people or characters. 

Think of the cheerful “KFC” Colonel or the energetic “Pringles” mascot. They add a human touch to the brand making it more relatable.

Mascot Logo 

Combination Mark

A combination mark combines a wordmark and a pictorial mark, allowing for both text and visual elements. Few brands have a combination mark but they split it sometimes and use either the pictorial mark or the word mark to suit specific branding and marketing purposes

These logos are very versatile so a lot of brands adapt this. Especially for young booming brands, a combination logo can be really beneficial. 

“Adidas” is a great example of a combination mark, where the brand name is accompanied by the iconic three stripes. 

Combination Mark

Now can you design your brand logo on your own or is it important to assign a logo designing agency to do so? Well, since a logo is what defines your brand and stays with you forever, a lot of research goes into the entire process. 

To design a logo which has consistency, versatility, memorability, relevance, and uniqueness; get in touch with us, at Litmus branding we provide logo design & branding services. We understand the client & the brand, undertake in-depth competitor analysis, understand the colour psychology, investigate typography, and design a logo that tells a story, leaving a lasting impact on customers’ minds.  

In conclusion, logos are an integral part of any brand’s identity, and the choice of logo type can significantly impact how a brand is perceived. By understanding the seven types of logos and working with logo design & branding services, businesses can create logos that not only represent their values but also leave a lasting impression on their target audience. So, whether you need a monogram logo, a wordmark, or any other type, remember that your logo is your brand’s face to the world, and it’s worth investing in its design and execution.

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