Top 10 Most Watched Indian Ads on YouTube in 2019

by Shreyas Nair  |  21st Feb, 2020 in Advertising

Happy New Year! Entering into the starting phase of the coming advertising and branding journey. At our Litmus office a brain storming session lead us to a discussion about the effectiveness of You Tube ads and its impression on brand works. As a branding agency we decided to explore some substantial number findings and its power over the viewers. Google India freshly announced its annual YouTube ads leader board for the Indian sector. The check list shows top ten advertisements that earned the maximum views and shares on the video-sharing dais in 2019.  Heart melting stories, popular faces and melodious music wrapped up in the top ten ads that India loved last year. The order as reported by Sanya Jain in These Were The 10 Most-Watched Indian Ads On YouTube In 2019 for Ndtv.

Let’s set the tunes!

  1. Make way for the winner, Kia Motors – the South Korean auto maker brand, Seltos which entered Indian market last year. Their initial campaign, decorated nine inimitable inspirations. Beginning with an astronaut and then ballerinas. Going on to a humming bird and then a tiger the drive ended prominence of the newly launched car model Seltos and its exclusive design. The ad emerged as the most watched ad of YouTube gaining more than 232 million views. Genuinely loved by the people the comments section flooded with applaud words such as “stunning” and “fantastic”.
  2. Samsung India’s advertising campaign for its app called Good Vibes received big time love from the audience in the year 2019. The poignant commercial was viewed over 205 million times on YouTube. The smartphone producer shaped up a movement for its Good Vibes App, helping deaf and blind individuals to connect and communicate with others. Made by brand advertising agency Cheil, the ad-film narrates the story of a young girl who is deaf and blind girl and uses the Good Vibes app to outreach her family. The ad had a heartfelt impact on the netizens reaping out 205 million views.Recommendation: Good Advertising is anything but persuasive
  3. The ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ ad for PepsiCo India featuring the rapper Badshah along with Bollywood actors Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani. The advertisement was a super hit and became the third most watched in 2019 with about 155 million views. The anthem by the Cola brand combined with dancing chops worked wonders for the audience.
  4. On the fourth position Xiaomi India’s ad has actors from the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai fame – Sumeet Raghavan and Rupali Ganguly. Showing how the smart T.V is well integrated into their lives winning over 133 million views.
  5. The fifth one is OPPO Mobile’s ad for their F11 pro model gathered around 96 million YouTube views.
  6. The ad by Google India endorsing the Hindi Google Assistant which was acclaimed by several people as “sweet”. Receiving 86 million plus views, the sixth most popular YouTube India ad in 2019.
  7. ‘Big in Your Life’ advertisement for Aditya Birla Group was termed as the “ad of the century” by one of the You Tube commenter. It earned as large as 62 million views.
  8. OnePlus India’s ad, featuring Robert Downey Jr, was ranked the eighth most-watched ad of India in 2019. The brand advertising company managed to rope in the Avengers actor. His presence and performance did the magic garnering 61 million views.
  9. Ninth on the list is the heart stirring ad by Horlicks India bagged the ninth, seen for over 59 million times.
  10. The tenth most appreciated ad in India was Vivo India commercial shot to promote the model Vivo S1 got around 58 million YouTube views in 2019. The above figures as last updated on December 26, 2019 15:35 IST.

No prizes for guessing the You Tube advertisements have a positive influence on business growth. As Satya Raghavan, Director – YouTube Partnerships, India puts it – “YouTube is now playing a central role in helping consumers arrive at their final purchase decisions. We have worked hard to bring the power of Google and YouTube together to help unlock the magic of intent and YouTube today is a full funnel solution, with tools like TrueView for Action optimised for brand as well as performance objectives like leads and referrals,” As penned by Saumya Tewari in Kia Motors, Samsung and Pepsi ads most watched on YouTube for Live Mint. A good branding agency can take a cue from this information and generate brand advertisements which is a web of emotions, brand identity and audience connect.

Recommendation: Advertisements that touch lives

Not just connect meaningful connect is the need of the hour and the best bet here is YouTube. Since it is typically frequented by viewers who pursue information and the platform delivers ‘actual engagement’ instead of just pointless ‘pop-ups’. Consequently, over 85 per cent of YouTube subscribers see videos made by their favourite makers rather than randomly picked channels.

Talking of real engagement here is an apt example. According to the tracking done via Vidooly advertisement search engine for December 2019 Realme India’s new ad was a topper. It scored 48 million views by December end considering the advertisements launched on You Tube in that month. The Realme X2 smartphone has its basic features and essentials described in the video clip that also displays the alliance with Star Wars- The rise of Skywalker.

The video advertisement captures the iconic jingle by Star Wars in the background along with a few of its action scenes for visual. As mentioned by Subrat Kar in The top 10 most-watched Indian ads on YouTube in December 2019 written for Afaqs. Holistically speaking an engaging video ad that enlightens the viewers about the Realme X2 smartphone and entertains them at the same time. Summing up the entire piece, its important to understand your brand product and convey it to your consumer touching the right chords. Recognize Create Express!

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