Top Ten Magento 2 Extensions for Your Ecommerce Store

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by Litmus Branding  |  30th Dec, 2019 in Technology

According to available statistics, global e-commerce sales are predicted to increase from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. If that were so, more developers are going to use Magento as it is perceived to be one of the best and most secure platforms for online transactions.

In that scenario, any Magento development company in India has to be abreast of all the latest software updates and extensions rolled out in the market to improve Magento functionality. This blog will share a list of the top ten Magento 2 extensions that you could use to ace the performance of your e-commerce store in order to make it flexible, scalable and extensible; and add multiple functionalities to better customer experience.

“Once you’ve successfully migrated your store, don’t forget to optimize your Magento 2 store, and use the best Magento 2 extensions for improved sales,” says Ruby Goyal.

However before we divulge the list of ten, here is Goyal’s advice on what to look for in your Magento 2 extension:

  • Don’t go by the reviews. Do dummy runs to test whether it would work so well for your business
  • Consider the price. If something is available for free, why not try that first. Incidentally the list we share in this blog is of free-of-charge Magento 2 extensions only.
  • Is the vendor you are buying for providing good customer support? Otherwise where will you go to troubleshoot an issue?
  • Do they provide regular updates? Else look for another vendor.

Let’s now give you the full lowdown on the ten top Magento 2 extensions for your ecommerce store. We have classified these under various heads, depending upon their core functionality:

Magento 2 Extensions for Payment Gateways

Realex payments extension

It is a 100% open source Magento 2 extension available in 54 countries through which you can transact in over 140 currencies. It gives your customers multiple choices in terms of how they want to pay, which is good for sales, as customers value choice. Further, Realex supports any device with its secure hosted payment page, which reduces PCI DSS compliance costs.

Elavon payment extension

Available across three continents and 29 countries. Elavon makes it simple to accept online payments through any connected device. The module supports embedded iframe form, lightweight popup and redirect. The HPP is fully customizable so you can manipulate the customer interface.

PagSeguro payment for Magento 2

PagSeguro gives your customers the opportunity to make payments without leaving the checkout page. Although a Brazilian gateway, it accepts foreign transactions. The lightbox is embedded in the store, while the payment details are processed in the secure environment.

Customer Influencer and Loyalty Extensions

Upsell & cross-sell popups

This extension recommends relevant products to fence sitters while they are viewing or adding items to their cart.

Stock & price countdown

Stock and price countdown extension for Magento 2 is a countdown timer or stock countdown that helps you to create urgency in order to boost conversions in your Magento 2 web store. It makes your customers excited and encourages them to buy from your store.

Free gifts and coupons

One way to minimize cart abandonment is to dangle a gift or coupon before them. This extension gives your customers gifts before they checkout, so they don’t abandon the cart. The gift can be coupons, discount code, etc. The extension also includes a countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency and makes customers to quickly buy before the time expires.

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Extensions to Boast Magento 2’s Social Performance

Social Login for Magento 2

Magento 2 Social Login can be used to induce customers to login to your ecommerce store through any social media account. Its win-win features are swapping customer information across platforms, making layered navigation easy, one-step check out and is good for supporting loyalty programs.

To Spike Your Sales

Beeketing | Sales & Conversion optimization

Beeketing extension provides you 10+ built-in tools, each having a distinctive set of functionalities meant to leverage the conversion rate at all stages of your marketing funnel. It creates opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling with notifications, countdown widgets, coupon popups, and product recommendation sliders, email marketing tool, etc.

Out of stock notification by Amasty

With this useful Magento 2 extension, you can add subscription boxes for customers to get stock notifications and price alerts. They will receive an alert whenever a product goes out of stock or is back in stock. They can opt-in or out of these notifications.

Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

Sometimes store owners need store personalization for their customers based on segments, price, and products. This extension from Beeketing can be used to set custom product price to a particular customer demographic or group or make your customer feel special by showing VIP product to VIP customers only. However this extension is you already have good CRM data to analyze your customer’s past buying behavior correctly and make the settings, accordingly. This extension will then automate the pricing information to a particular consumer type/brand. This extension is also great for building and running a loyalty program, later.

Do you have an experience with a great Magento 2 extension that we haven’t covered in this blog? Please share it with our readers. As one of the leading Magento 2 development company, Litmus Branding has lots of experience in this domain. We would be delighted to hear back from you.

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