Ideas to Improve Your Brand’s Communication Strategy

by Shreyas Nair  |  20th Dec, 2019 in Branding
Ideas to Improve Your Brand’s Communication Strategy

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What is brand communication?

Speaking in reference to the customers, it is everything from the company logo design to its promotional activities and the most important activity presently – social media engagement. As per Page Fair Adblock Report 2017, an outstanding 615 million devices make use of AdBlock globally. As mentioned by Maria Wachal in How to Design a Successful Communication Strategy for Your Brand penned for DIY Marketers. In the digital world of low attention spans, a company needs to make the right noise. And of course – ‘Customer focus is the key.’

Recently Sprout Social generated a report – The Sprout Social Index, Edition VIII: Turned Off. They took a survey of 1000 plus users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to figure the reasons as to unfollowing a brand’s social media. It also focused on the consumer buying dynamics corelating it to social media.

The Result –

Good News


Want to and Do Follow Brands on Social


More likely to Buy from a Brand they Follow


Purchased something because They Saw It on Social

Bad News


Will Unfollow A Brand That Doesn’t Share Relevant Information

Data Backed Disengagement Reasons –


Posting Too Many Promotions


Using Slang and Jargon


Not Having Any Personality on Their Accounts


Trying to Be Funny When They Are Not


Not Replying to My Message

Captivating the savvy and intelligent audience of the web world is a tricky deal.

We will study some brand communication strategies by International brands to take inspiration from. Check out some interesting concepts to stir clear from ad blockers and zero engagement. Sourced out from 18 companies with brilliant digital strategies by Econsultancy. We have pulled out the most relatable ones for you. So, let’s dive in!

Nike – Inclusive Experiences

Last year Nike’s profit raised to $9.37 billion in 2018, mounting to12.8% year-by-year due to their digital presence. Their brand communication strategy on the world wide web has been engrossing the customers with its experiential marketing game. For instance, recently they included the consumers by live streaming the digital launch of their new offering on Twitch.  “The shoe wasn’t only launched on the gaming platform, but Irving joined in on the festivities, spending an hour on Saturday answering questions and playing gamers in a special NBA 2K16 live event. The point guard rewarded anyone who beat his team with a free pair of autographed Kyrie 2 shoes.” Said Matt Tewhatu in Nike debuts new shoe on gaming platform Twitch penned for Digital Sport.

Thus, unchecking all the disengagement reasons listed above. Their striking international reach is the outcome of implementing relevant digital drives spread over various marketplaces. Their campaign – giving a chance to – ‘race yourself’ was the world’s first LED running track in Manila. Consumer involvement to the T. To top it they have a kickass e commerce website.

IKEA – Experiment … Innovate …. Create

IKEA’s digital brand communication strategy is engrained into giving advanced and extremely valued encounters for all the customers – online/offline. In 2017 they unveiled the IKEA Place app. An augmented reality instrument that lets the users imagine how any furniture item will look in their own house.

Various other tech-driven campaigns for instance their – virtual reality experiment or the latest sustainability-centred content series has made a huge difference to its standing as a digitally innovative brand name.

LEGO – Connect to the Core

LEGO is a brand that the world loves. The interesting social media use to establish communities around the product makes it remarkable. The LEGO Motion Picture did establish awareness for the toy brand, but the engagement value comes from the social media communities. The competitions held by the brand have an audience of its own.

LEGO has introduced more programs as well such as LEGO Boost – app that teaches children how to code. Another is LEGO Life – this one is to inspire social networking and brand promotion. Every move of this brand is targeted at connecting with the customers on an intrinsic level. The LEGO Boost app focusing on child learning and development is an exemplary step in that direction.

Starbucks – User is the Hero

Starbucks’ digital brand communication strategy persists at the frontal zone in its game of growth. A key here is its mobile loyalty app, that gives the users flawless payment alternatives and a customised User Experience (UX). To expand the app’s sign ups, Starbucks has lately announced new ways of seizing customer data. Their outlets ask the consumers to enter their names, email ids and their zip codes as they access the store WiFi. Its bang on social media content which has a name of being user generated is also a true winner.

Walmart – Customer Comfort

A commendable part of Walmart’s success can be credited it is presence online. The impactful digital footprint of this brand makes it’s a winner all the way going along with the Amazon league. Last year the ecommerce Walmart sales were at 43% through the holiday season. Introducing new products and taking the advantage of data analysis by transforming the insights from mobile, online and transactional data into useful experiences for the consumers. One of them is a mobile app that allows buyers to check on the stock availability, prices and also trace in-store items.

Airbnb – Helpful Information

The Airbnb brand has been nothing short than a game changer in the hospitality and travel business. Making the most from the flexibility desire and community-built travel encounters.

UX has played an important role in Airbnb’s success story, with its simple but intuitive website and mobile app extending the users an effortless booking experience. Also, content is the king here. The neighbourhood guides by Airbnb sharing information with the travellers that is helpful, relevant and engaging.

So now I ask -what is brand communication? It is a brand communication strategy that integrates at least one of the above Brand × Customer dialogue with your brand values. Stressing more on the digital play of web consciousness.  As Meaghan Moraes writes for HubSpot in 11 Tips to Help Improve Your Brand’s Communication Strategy. She expresses, “With the rise of social media marketing, brands can communicate directly with their customers to develop products that sell, and consumers essentially become product ‘co-creators’.” At Litmus Branding we strive to assist brand to achieve this. Bringing thoughtful processes to life. Let’s Co-Create Creatively!

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