13 Reasons for Choosing Magento for Your Ecommerce Store

by Hiren Panchal  |  2nd May, 2019 in E-commerce

Today as you read this, recent figures state that above 1 million sites are being designed on Magento. It covers but not limited to, sites for business, shopping, technology and automobiles. In other words, over 9,000 websites use Magento, according to a recent article published by an IT company, Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd. What’s more, prominent Fortune 500 companies such as Harpers Bazar, Olympus, Fiji Water and Nike use Magento as their Content Management System.

The reasons are not difficult to guess. In this blog, we will enumerate a few Magento benefits to make it more credible:

  1. Why Choose Magento for Sales?

Magneto has been conceptualised and created specifically for the sales department. This is one of the most unique Magento benefits. Unique because in other Content Management Systems (CMS) the ecommerce function is just an add-on. Magento makes this feature so user-friendly; it often leads to increased conversions and sales.

Indeed the segmented make of Magento enables sellers to identify customers with one click, and access their cart and buying history. This makes it easy for site mangers to push highly customised content through this platform to target users. Even the promotional content – the advertisements – on your website can also be tailor-made, along with custom coupons. Making a compelling argument in support, why use Magento.

The software also has an in-built provision to let customers make product recommendations, upsells particular items on the check out or the product page. Magneto pitching in as a member of the sales team enables the seller to suggest related products to the consumers. This clearly fills in one of the important reasons for Magento’s booming popularity. This clearly fills in one of the important spots explaining why choose Magento for ecommerce plus sale.

  1. Highly Modular; Gives Full Control

Designed on Zend Framework, it’s possible for developers to expand and extend the platform to other product categories.  In the expansion process, it works in tandem with the requirements of each and every merchant. Authorising third party amalgamations, Magento gives an online shop extended space for mergers. In this way, Magento benefits business owners of all kinds, each offering something unique. Stores can customize its features as per their portfolio. Third party integrations come inclusive of major web applications and most importantly, the payment gateways. Various themes are available for the seller to pick and choose from. The templates can be customized keeping in mind the target customer and the brand itself.

  1. Extensions and Functionality

The extensions come in the form of phone apps that are small code pieces that can easily be added to Magento. These codes empower it to something out of the box. Some of the popular Magento extensions are ‘one page check out’, display options like a grid and list view with default functionality. Some of these extensions are for free and some payable. A retailer can always find something which fits in with his earmarked budget. Magento extensions, are key to Magento benefits as it gives a lot of flexibility and choice to the developer and the retail brand. Again, confirming the reason as to why choose Magento for ecommerce. In order to make the most effective use of the retail website and develop it whichever way you want.

  1. Open Source

The site owners and developers have access to the source code, resulting in complete freedom and flexibility. They can transform the functions of their site as per their requirements to create whatever they envision, provided they have the technical skills for it. In business language however this means that developers can supervise and control stuff like –how the information is being processed in the retailer’s site, how it displays it and so on. With Magento retailers have hundred percent control on design and logic flow on each page. One of the Magento benefits for experienced coders is that open source platforms are free, so they need only some extra server space and time to build this site.

  1. Scalable

Magento is highly scalable, meaning with the right hardware and configuration; it can support both small and big enterprises. For instance, if a retailer’s site suddenly experiences increased traffic, he or she can easily add more back up servers on Magento. Other platforms may not be able to take that kind of pressure so easily. This could lead to site crashing, slow page loading and loss of business.  The scale is another addition in the list of Magento benefits. Since it will handle growth and volume successfully.

  1. Specialized for e-commerce

Magento has been in-built capability for ecommerce. Unlike Word Press, where you have to additionally install BigCommerce capability, Magento is exclusively used for B2B and B2C shipping. Kamlesh.R in his write up, Magento Vs Others: Way to Choose Right E-commerce Platform for your Online Retail Website lists down big global brands that have thrived on Mgento:

  • Hermès of Paris in 27 countries
  • Nescafe in 62 countries
  • Dyson in 15 countries
  • Special T by Nestle in 10 countries
  • Guthy | Renker 8 brands in 9 countries
  • Vans in 10 countries
  • Kipling in 9 countries
  • Eastpark in 13 countries
  • 7FAM in 17 countries

Thus withstanding, why choose Magento for ecommerce.

  1. Safer, more secure upgrades and payment processing

It comes with secured authorization, SSL certificate. A secured authorization, SSL certificate has been obtained as a precaution. One of the exclusive Magento benefits, is that it’s difficult to hack. Other platforms, such as Word Press and Core PHP are less secure in comparison. In contrast, the Magento web development is safe for the consumer and the seller alike.

  1. SEO-Optimized

Another valid reason as to why use Magento is, that it has in-built SEO feature. By default, it generates results that are search engine optimized. The loading speed of any ecommerce store with Magento is super-fast. Why choose Magento here apart from the speed is that pages look good as well. The superb quality being the reason.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Phone shopping has become extremely common today. Supporting the whole lot of There are numerous extensions available for making Magento mobile-friendly. What’s more, the mobile displays come pixel perfect. A quick loading web page directly implies, why use Magneto. Looking at this feature in the bigger picture, Magneto benefits the sales and business revenues.

In the final run, it also implies a highly customer-centric shopping experience with a built-in user-friendly flow.

  1. Multi-lingual and multi-currency

This one of its kind Magento benefits emphasises as to why use Magento. As a global platform it has added many languages to itself. Consequently, it supports multi-currency transactions, which is not a small benefit. Holding a major market share in ecommerce, as it is used by retailers across the world. It stands proved why use Magento for ecommerce.

  1. Powerful e-commerce management framework

A fully functional ecommerce is possible without appending other ecommerce extensions/plug ins or modules. Easy customization from a developer’s point of view is one of the important Magneto benefits to talk about. A single admin option takes care of product category, product creation, tags and SEO management.

Acquaint Softtech, a web development and designing house mentions in its article, 5 Best Ecommerce Framework For E-store Development 2019 that Magneto is a PHP-based framework that depends on MVC. MVC stands for Model View Controller, a tool responsible for security management. The simplicity of management explains, why choose Magneto for ecommerce.

  1. Brilliant Catalog-Management

Easy Catalog-Management with simple import and export features, wherein all products can be assigned a unique SKU makes it easy for the developer to exclusively manage a product. Different products are ‘shoppable’ or downloadable. Choices like group products, configurable products etc., is also possible.

Bambora, a web development agency states in Magento Vs. Shopify: Which Platform is Better for ecommerce?, that Magento benefits built in, advanced upselling and wish listing. In Shopify these options are available as paid versions.

  1. Supportive Community

Last but not the least, the Magento community comprising of users, developers and service providers is huge and very resourceful in providing technical support to new users. The more experienced among them are always willing to troubleshoot. This could be a time saver for a new user. Best of all, Magento is free and self-hosted, and so are its many extensions. This offers the in-tune users a cost-free experience and overcome several roadblocks on their way to developing their first e-commerce site.

Apart from the above-mentioned Magento benefits including flexibility, scale, cost effectiveness there is more factual evidence. Below are a few figures that will make you practically understand, why choose Magento over other options. As published by Briteskies, a company that specialises in designs, e-commerce and integration services. Magento is currently being:

  • Used by 240,000+ businesses worldwide (including Vizio, Rosetta Stone, Saraiva, Athlete’s Foot, Ford, Cardinal Health, and many more).
  • The top eCommerce platform used for responsive design – 34% Alexa 1 million.
  • The first choice for 1 of every 4 online merchant sites.

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