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Kapil Vaishnani
by Kapil Vaishnani  |  16th Mar, 2020 in Branding

Long time ago when Litmus Branding started out we were a bunch of creative people taking over a mission. As time passed by and our company started associating with more and more clients. Artistically strategizing various types of businesses gave us an insight into internal their workings. Trending on to the route we learnt a lot also about consumer focus and in turn achieved a good level of awareness regarding the same. Taking cues from a few reliable sources we would like to talk about branding strategy pertaining target group. Let’s begin!

Andrew Robertson the CEO of BBDO , legendary and decorated advertising company referred to branding strategy essentials at AT&T Shape event 2017 –

What is your brand’s objective?

Who are your customers?

How does your brand define long-term success?

As the discussion went on further media gurus such as Sheryl Sandberg pointed out and claimed that – “80% of available return is a function of the creative and of the content”.  Conforming the basic necessities for brand strategy in the ‘customer is the king’ world today businesses have to focus on the ‘customer viewpoint intricacies’ as a focal point. Linking into the same thought thread here is vital information to put out.

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As per the new content policy for children by YouTube, connected to videos on the platform has been effective recently starting from 13th January, 2020. As per a new rule, it will be compulsory for all the creators to label their content as ‘made for kids’ or ‘not made for kids’ in the YouTube Studio. It is a place where in videos are uploaded from.

Responding to allegations that the display place was collecting minors’ data, YouTube declared that it will be disabling some product features for content related to children. For instance, the platform will now not serve personalised ads on kids’ content or support features such as comments, notification bells, stories and so on. As penned by Aishwarya Ramesh in, The effects of YouTube’s new content policy for kids for Afaqs.

Moving on we will discuss of branding management with reference to the target customer group. The brand objective and its accomplishment will only work out if you know your consumer inside out.

Intuitive Leads

A brand strategy company should definitely involve the intuitive side of their ‘think bank’. Simultaneously one can also make use of data as directive guide. To confirm if your business is on the right path in its branding strategy blue print. To start with work on your brand strategy ideas in a story telling format.

A great story is not just a read on, it has to be an evocative experience. And for that to to happen, it has to have beginning – middle – end. In the end of that experience, there has to be some type of change from the beginning. What can be cause of change in any story? The answer is ‘tension’. There should be tension between the story ‘antithesis’ and ‘thesis’.

In marketing language, “antithesis” will be the pain point of your customer. And “thesis” would be the solution you will give to that problem. That is why tension itself will the customer’s problem. This will be the core point of your entire product-market fit, viewing at a subatomic level. If there is no tension as in – if there is no problem to be resolved, then you don’t have any business to work on. Period!

Finally concluding, brand strategy company has to look into one thing that is – ‘storytelling’. In the process you will infuse the brand objective as well. The strategy of your brand will be its story, its dream, its feel and soul. Intuition will help you bring the right kind of emotional depth and touch onsssss to the exact consumer trigger points.

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Research your ‘target market’

Once you understand your brand strategy, you may be ready to jump right into executing your marketing. But before you get started, there is another important step you need to do first: target market research.

Taking a step back as of now you know ‘how to say’ in order to communicate effectively. But do you with whom you are dealing? In the age of customization your business cannot take chances so as to understanding the client base.

Step one – Research your market. And once you understand who is your real audience is, it will be a cakewalk for you to build an emotional connect. You will also get a sense of ‘talk style’ and other inputs of your brand strategy. One of the most important things that will be a part of target group research will be – building a customer persona.

A ‘customer persona’ will be an in-detail portrayal of the perfect buyer who will not be able to stop themselves from buying your product or service. This persona built will help you figure out what category of people are you are aiming with your marketing. You cannot have an emotive impact if you are not aware as to who it is you are attempting to converse with.

A few questions to ask while forming your customer persona:

  • Their demographics?
  • Their age, gender etc?
  • Are they married?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Their educational background?
  • Their career paths? They trying to go to the top of corporate ladder? or They
  • re aspiring to become small business owners?
  • Their present job and in which industry?
  • Their normal day looks like?
  • What assistances do they require for a normal successful day?
  • Their biggest everyday challenges?
  • Their definition success?
  • From where do they obtain their news and information?
  • Places they choose to shop?
  • Their most current purchase?

Recognize the customer journey

Once you know your ideal customer the for further business strategy one needs know where are the consumers positioned in the journey. The consumer journey meaning a map that showcases how a consumer is relating with your brand at any given moment in time. Ranging from “zero connection” to “loyal brand supporter” to “repeat customer.”

On to the system there are mark points like “interested in your product” or “interacting with you on social media” or “first-time buyer.” Taking an account of the consumer journey as it in relation to your business will benefit you. One can easily chart out a roadmap to lead the consumers to the definitive goal.

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For example, taking into account of cases where consumers are falling off the journey chart after the primary purchase and not coming back to your store. One may need to contemplate on creating a loyalty rewards plan. As explained by Allen Martinez in Building a brand strategy: Essentials for long-term success written for Marketing Land.

The strategy, connect, emotion and imaginative influences will paint a picture of long-term success and a flourishing longevity ratio. Summing up the entire scenario of brand strategy. Blend in art with buyer feelings and company purpose and there will be crackling fireworks at the business box office!

Kapil Vaishnani

Founder, Litmus Branding
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The name that was given to me and a few designations after that.

But here’s how I define this ‘who’:

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-The one who finds joy in coming across the perfect ideas through बातचीत.

-The one who struggles to improve his net game on the tennis court.

-And the one who wants to ‘Just Be’.

-Just be present with full absence & be absent with full presence.

That’s who I am.


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