Things you should consider for product packaging design

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  26th Jul, 2021 in Packaging
Things you should consider for product packaging design

Presentation matters. From the dining room to the board room, the way you present things matters significantly. It can make or break your deal and if your product packaging is not just so, you might miss out on quite a few customers picking out your product over others. Whether you are designing for supermarket racks or e-stores your product packaging design can become the deciding factor for whether to click (or pick) or not. Here, therefore are some things you must consider when talking to packaging design companies.

There’s a lot of hype about creative packaging that will make your product outshine the competition. While all of that is true – you do need to stand out – practicality matters just as much if not more. Consider how people are going to use your product. Your packaging should complement the use of the product. Out-of-the box ideas are fine but if your packaging distorts – or worse contradicts – the utility of the product for the consumer you’ll find a lot of dead stock lying around. Oh you might bag a few curiosity sales but once the package is opened people won’t ever touch it again.

Have you ever seen a child yearn for a Kinder Joy egg? That’s a big part of why kids buy the product – or insist that parents buy it for them. The shape of the package sells as much – or perhaps more – than what’s inside it. When making your packaging decisions, don’t forget who you are selling to – your target audience. Colour, shape, text, font, every bit of what is on your package matters. Don’t forget that it was a horse shoe nail that lost the whole kingdom! Here’s an example – be sharp when selling to men and soft when selling to women. Get the picture?

Brand Message
Apart from functionality and attraction, your brand message is the third most important element of packaging design. The egg-shaped container of Kinder joy is what keeps the product going. Why do kids love the shape? Because it sends out a clear message of fun and frolic. It is in complete alignment with their tag line a little surprise goes a long way. Not only should your product package be attractive and practical, it should also tell your consumer what your brand is all about.

Take a moment to think about the Kinder Joy supply chain. From manufacturing the milk-chocolate treats to carefully placing them inside the egg along with the surprise. That’s just at the factory. Now these plastic eggs have to be transported to the distributors and retailers – keeping each piece uncracked – Oops unbroken – and unscratched. That’s the kind of security and protection your product needs. Packaging decisions can topple on either side when it comes to selecting security or creativity. You must decide what you need more and invest wisely.

Back to Kinder Joy again. Even adults sometimes find it hard to open the egg. The material is strong enough to protect the product inside. Ferro – the company that manufactures Kinder Joy – does not use a cardboard box or other covering. The egg itself is the package. That’s the beauty and power of creative product packaging design. Decisions regarding the material to be used for product packaging should be based on attractiveness, functionality, and logistics. Packaging design companies in India believe that eco-friendliness is also an important consideration. The order in which you consider these factors depends upon the product you are selling.

User Experience
How do you feel when this colourful and tempting package arrives and you are looking high and low for a pair of scissors to open it? Or worse, a tin opener? Imagine the smile on your toddler’s face when he discovers the “surprise” sitting inside the Kinder Joy egg? Both the surprise and the smile it generates are priceless. User experience matters. It’s the reason why creating an awesome unboxing experience is trending. Make your package easy to open but ensure that the contents – not just your product – wow the consumer.

What would you do when you see a new product – or package – on the supermarket shelf or in the aisles of Amazon? You’ll pick up the package and examine it trying to gauge what’s inside right? Well what section you find it in will give you some clues but the package will – or should – provide more information about the product such as the material, its utility for you, the price, any harmful or side effects, and so on. Kinder Joy surprises are tiny and may be accidentally consumed by kids. Ferro warns parents about this right out there on the package. Epigamia loudly proclaims that its smoothies are lactose free and yoghurts are fat free. Such useful information will drive the buying decision of a curious consumer.

Need we even explain this? Just think of the joy and excitement that Kinder Joy eggs generates in kids – and even adults! Or think of the box in which your latest smartphone comes. It’s the reason why MarshMallowist invested in custom designed tissue paper for packaging the marsh mellows – which were otherwise quite safe in their existing package. Your package design should evoke the right emotion in your consumer making him want not just to pick up the product this one time but every time he visits the store.

The shape, colour, typography, text size, and all other elements of your product package should work together to attract, inform, and woo your customer – sending out your brand message loud and clear.

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