How does a professional logo affect branding of your business?

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  20th Jul, 2021 in Branding
How does a professional logo affect branding of your business?

Branding companies in India say a powerful logo equates to a powerful brand. Come to think of the Mac Donald’s logo is not such a great work of art yet it is powerful and consumers associate it with a wholesome yet affordable meal. That’s the power of a good logo design – and if that is not enough here are a few more reasons why logos are important for branding.


Your logo appears on everything connected with your brand. From business cards to social media right up to outdoor advertising sites and storefronts. A mustard M in an Orange square signifies one thing – Burgers and Fries – a.k.a a wholesome meal and a swoosh in black says Just Do It says to do it and do it right – do you remember which brand it is?

Your logo not only personifies your brand but also tells your customer that you own the product – underlining your patent rights or copyright.


Picture two friends travelling along a road. One of them spots a Dunkin Donuts and stops. Why? Because he’s seen the logo often enough to recognize it even when speeding along the highway and he knows from experience that he’ll get a treat along with awesome coffee there – the perfect thing to keep him going. He draws great comfort not just from the coffee but the familiarity and satisfaction that the brand and its logo evoke. He now introduces his friend to this delightful experience and the friend is sold. Next time the friend spots the same logo he’ll stop for sure.

When people see your logo, they recollect their previous experiences with your brand – and derive comfort


It’s human nature to be attracted to colour, design, and artwork. An attractive logo on your package, carry bag, or hoarding catches the eye of the people around and piques their curiosity drawing them to learn more about your brand, service, or product. Picture a bright yellow packet with writing in red. What does it signify? Yes! A quick snack of wafers – a.k.a. Lays!

If even half of the people who see your logo decide to give it a try it’s worth the investment in logo design – don’t you think?


A logo is the representation of a brand. That’s what any logo design company in India or anywhere for that matter says. People associate their experience with the brand logo among other things – so a strong logo backed by a good user experience shows how professional, dependable, and trustworthy you and your brand are. Just take a look at the FedEx logo and you’ll get what we mean.

A good logo signifies professionalism.


You might have noticed a tendency to follow the first mover in terms of logo design. For instance, most pizza joints depict a chef holding an extra-large pizza. That’s herd behaviour. But if you get creative and think out of the box your logo can be eye-catching yet still represent who you are. Contrast the simplistic BBC block logo with the colourful feathers of CNBC. While one depicts pragmatism the other represents the divisions of the network – news, entertainment, sports, productions and so on. It is also representative of variety and spice.

A bold logo is not necessarily bold in design. It can be a bold thought too.


As any logo design firm is apt to tell you, your logo is everywhere you, your brand, or your product are. From product package to business cards to website and social media, your logo carries your brand identity and message transcending borders – both geographical and virtual. Imagine the reach you can achieve through this simple act of creating – no curating – your brand logo? Remember too that when it comes to business cards, product packages, or fliers, the reach is far beyond the first point of contact. Whether it’s your storefront, the bag that your customer totes out the door, or your product package, your logo can potentially reach millions of people spreading awareness about your brand.

Your logo travels far and wide letting people know of your existence and substantiating it with real-life testimonials from loyal customers.


There’s no denying the fact that you do need a logo – so if you don’t already have one you should reach out to a logo design company in India – where things are budget-friendly – or anywhere you are located. But then you expand and you might want to rethink your strategy – and redesigning logos – though rare – is not unheard of. Big brands like IBM, Microsoft, and yes even McDonald’s and Nike have evolved their logo over time. Why? Well simply because things change.

So, are you ready to get the most awesome logo within your industry? Litmus Branding is among the top branding companies in India – and you’re just a click away. Reach out now not just for your logo but for a complete branding strategy.



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