The prominent questions asked to branding agency and their owners

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  6th Dec, 2021 in Branding
The prominent questions asked to branding agency and their owners

Questions are the beginning of almost everything. If the right questions, at the right time weren’t asked, a lot of things would have remained unanswered. As you move further in carrying out branding activities for your product or service, we are sure you will come across a lot of questions too.

Business owners desirous of establishing their brand are plagued with questions about hiring branding agencies or a digital marketing agency because of some misconceptions. Here, therefore, are the answers to some of the most prominent questions that business owners ask branding agencies and their owners.

There are always questions when business owners decide to hire a branding agency – and it’s only natural. After all, you are paying for their services, and you have a right to know every detail. Some of these questions arise from misconceptions about branding agencies and what they do. As a leading branding agency in India, we – at Litmus Branding – get our share of questions from entrepreneurs, corporates, and other clients. So we decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Why do we need a branding agency?

Most entrepreneurs think that all a branding agency does is design logos and packages. So if they have a logo and package design, they do not need an agency. This is what many entrepreneurs say to us, “I operate in the service sector and already have a logo. What more can your agency do for me?”

Branding is more than creating a logo or graphic for your firm. It is about how your audience and customers perceive you. Doubtless, logo and packaging design is vital for your business. However, you need more than that, whether you are selling a CPG product or a service-based business. You need brand awareness and consumer engagement. You need a strong digital presence. You need a branding strategy. And a branding agency can give you this.

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Branding Agencies are just glorified Design firms – who needs them?

Creative design is an integral part of branding and brand identity. However, your brand identity is more than just the design of your marketing collateral. It includes strategy, content, and layout as well along with a few other things.

Designers and design firms adopt a purely visual approach, whereas branding agencies adopt a holistic approach that includes strategy, content layout and design. Their services include communicating brand messages, driving growth – not just sales – enhancing user experience, and a whole lot more. They translate your industry jargon into your brand story and then tell this story to the world.

To do all this, a branding agency needs several resources such as content writers, graphic designers, strategists, UX designers, social media experts, statisticians – to track and monitor critical metrics – and so on. There are many elements to your branding journey – visuals, words, sound, colours, shapes, size, channels, and more. Your branding agency will take care of all of this, leaving you free to focus on your core competency – your business.

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We already have an in-house marketing team. Why should we hire a digital marketing agency?

Fair enough. Your in-house marketing team doubtless knows your product well – perhaps better than any branding or marketing agency ever can. They may even be able to create a strategy or campaign for you. But executing and monitoring that campaign requires a large number of resources. For instance, if you want to run a social media campaign, it’s not just enough to create a Facebook advertisement. You would want to advertise on other channels like Instagram and Twitter too.

You’ll need graphic designers to create your advertisement and content or copywriters to write the copy for your advertisement. You may also want to use video content. Would you hire a graphic designer and a videographer just to launch a couple of campaigns? Moreover, each social media channel is different and must be leveraged accordingly.

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And then, the campaign must be tracked, and you need someone to record the metrics, understand them, and tweak your strategy depending upon the results. All this requires considerable human resources, not to mention expertise and knowledge. Hiring experts for each aspect can be expensive – not to say difficult. A branding agency already has experts in every aspect of branding and marketing. They can offer you a spectrum of services at affordable rates.

A branding agency is adept at creating and executing strategic campaigns that play a significant role in marketing, from websites to outdoor hoardings and social media posts. Branding and marketing agencies can do it all – so why not let them?

Are you really as qualified and expert as you make yourself out to be?

Expertise comes not just from qualification; it also requires experience. As we said, there are many aspects to branding, and one single individual cannot do it all. For instance, a graphic designer may not be highly qualified, but he’s been designing product packages for a few years.

So he knows what works and what does not. He’ll need the help of a copywriter to put the text on the package, colours, understands layout, colour schemes, and shapes – if only because he’s been doing it for a while. Similarly, a strategist or content writer may not understand the layout.

Still, the copywriter knows how to communicate a message in just a few words – crisply – and the strategist knows where to place the resulting creative for the best impact. Together the three can execute an effective digital outreach campaign that will bring results.

There are multiple aspects to branding, and each is an art that must be learned and cultivated. A branding strategy is a culmination of all these talents. A branding agency employs experts in every aspect of branding and marketing, offering you a spectrum of services under one roof.

As a branding agency, we carefully cultivate the art of branding. We provide all digital branding and marketing-related services under our umbrella. If you still have questions or wish to grow your business into a renowned brand, give us a shout. Call +91 99984 12378‬ or write to‬ hi@localhost.

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