Reasons to invest in packaging design to achieve higher sales figures

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  29th Jun, 2021 in Packaging
Reasons to invest in packaging design to achieve higher sales figures

We all know that product packaging design plays a significant role in attracting customers and retaining them. The C-Suite however is more concerned about ROI from investment so let’s talk about the ROI from investment in package design and why you should hire packaging design companies to create the most awesome product packages for you.


Differentiation becomes harder as competition increases. This is particularly true when it comes to online sales where you are dealing with consumers with a very short attention span. A survey by Ipsos revealed that 72% consumers base their buying decision on package design and 67% base it on packaging material. 81% said that their gifting decisions are based on package design. This means that more than half your consumers are influenced by your package design – which in turn means that your differentiation is important if you don’t want to be lost in a crowd. Differentiation – especially for first time consumers – is based almost entirely on package design and is perhaps your only window to win over new customers.


Effective product packaging design that remains consistent reinforces your brand identity as consumers begin identifying the package with your brand. Over time, it becomes appealing to new consumers and helps define and imprint the brand in the minds of your consumers. So, when you are undertaking a creative packaging exercise

And if you’re wondering whether your packaging reflects your brand identity, here’s what you should ask yourself –

  • Does it have your logo?
  • Is it consistent with your colour theme?
  • Does it invoke the emotions you intended?
  • Does it rekindle a spark or resemble comfort for your loyal customers?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you can rest assured that your packaging solution underscores your brand statement and identity.


One of the simplest ways to communicate with your consumer is through your packaging. Not only does your product packaging tell the consumer about your brand, it also provides useful information about the product itself. Indeed, one of the metrics of determining the effectiveness of packaging is what it communicates to your consumer. Some of the information that should appear on your product package apart from the mandatory details includes –

  • Who is the package intended for?
  • What value does the product bring?
  • How to use the product so that it adds value?
  • Where can the consumer gather more information?

Thus far we’ve been discussing the marketing value of package design. Apart from consumer appeal however, product packages perform another important function – that of protecting the product. From the assembly line to the consumer’s home your product has a rather rough journey traveling in trucks, ships, and other vehicles through warehouses, supermarket shelves, and retail stores into the hands of the consumer. Keeping the product safe through all of this is one of the biggest challenges of packaging designers face.

So, investing in packaging design – well the question is moot – invest you must. When you do here are a few things you should keep in mind –

  1. Mind the Little Things

When it comes to creative packaging, it is often the little things that mean the difference between good and best. For instance, you should pay close attention to details such as the expiry date, information required by the FDA and other regulatory authorities, information that appeals to a select group – such as putting NO MSG on a packet of Chinese food or NO AMONIA on the box of a hair colour. Such little things can go a long way in gaining the trust of the consumer.

2. Packaging Material

Research shows that 63% of consumers will buy a product if it is packaged in cardboard. 63% also said that paper and cardboard packaging makes a product look premium. 71% said that they would rather buy products packaged in cardboard than other materials.

3. Colours

So yes, cardboard is trending. But so are bright and bold colours like red and yellow says Yorksaw. This however does not mean that you should go contrary to your image. FED Ex for instance uses the same theme in all its verticals. It’s only the colour of the text that changes from one service to another – consistency matters.

4. Identifiability

There’s a lot of information you can put on your product package but cluttering up is a big NO. Your logo, brand name and product name should be easily identifiable – indeed legible – from a distance to facilitate and speed up decisions. Talking of names, if your font is consistent not only across collaterals but also across products it makes identification easier.

5. Versatility

Versatility is good because it becomes easier to tweak your product package design to adapt. Taking the example of FedEx again, a simple change of colour helps identify different services with virtually no cost of redesigning. So, while you may be dealing in a single genre of product, you may have variations which you would want to incorporate into the package design to make them easily discernible – which makes versatility important.

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