Impact of product packaging on consumer buying behaviour

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  14th Jun, 2021 in Packaging
Impact of product packaging on consumer buying behaviour

Product packaging is emerging as the most significant marketing tool given the keen competition – not only to grab the buyers’ attention but to retain it and convert sales. Packaging design companies too are therefore paying keen attention to elements of packaging design. Another reason why package design is gaining importance is that through the creative use of packaging, marketers are able to influence buying behavior. How? Well, here goes …


First impressions are often the longest lasting. A good product that is well packaged can resonate emotionally with the buyer – depending of course upon the mood of the buyer at the time. But then, he begins associating the product and its packaging with that particular mood or emotion. That’s the reason why even the thought of Cadbury evokes a sense of joy, romance, and celebration or the reason behind the mouth-watering anticipation of an affordable, healthy, and wholesome meal that McDonald’s triggers. Moreover, certain colours are associated with certain emotions – like green for instance, can signify envy – remember Onida – Neighbours Envy Owners Pride? Strategic use of colour in packaging can help imprint the image of your brand in the minds of the consumer so that next time they are out looking, they will associate the colour scheme, font, and design with your product and the satisfaction they derived from it.


Having associated your product and its packaging with the satisfaction – or emotion – it evoked, your consumer is more than likely to pick your product off the shelf – almost subconsciously. This can earn you a huge and loyal customer base. Think of Colgate and how it has become the toothpaste of generations. The red and white box will beckon you in any supermarket or mall and you’re sure to reach out – if you need to buy toothpaste that is – despite the fact that Close Up gave close competition. In order to invoke this type of loyalty, you should make sure that your brand image stays consistent. That is not to say that you should never change your packaging design. All it means is that you should change sparingly and when you do change it make sure it is still aligned to your brand style, image, and colour scheme so that both new and returning customers can identify and relate to it.


If your brand image is imprinted in the consumers’ mind, they may buy even when it’s not on their list – out of pure impulse. Not only will your existing customers reach out, but creative packaging can prompt new customers to pick your product off the shelf too. Just think of the ladies visiting a supermarket and ending up with more in their cart than on their list or think of a 10-year-old in a toy shop and you’ll get the picture.

Spontaneous packaging is a small but important segment of your target customers and these customers – once satisfied – are likely to spread the word attracting a larger audience.


When a satisfied customer sees your product – or its packaging – on a supermarket shelf, he begins anticipating the joy and satisfaction he received from it the last time he purchased it. Even if the customer has never used the product before, creative packaging can evoke strong expectations just as the trailer of a movie or the teaser of an event does. Of course it is important to follow through with a product that will bring value to the customer – or you are likely to lose their loyalty not to mention the negative publicity that will attract.


Have you ever passed by an ice-cream parlour just when you were craving a smoothie? Or happened upon a juice stall when you were thirsty? Ah! Just what I need! That’s the thought that comes into your mind when such events occur but think for a moment. How did you know that the place you were passing was an ice-cream parlour or a juice stall? By looking at the shop window or the stall right? The same goes for your product too. When a customer is hungry and he spots a large yellow package with something written in red on it, he’ll be attracted like iron to the magnet – and aim straight for that packet of Lays. If your packaging is strong and attractive enough to do that you’ve just won yourself a loyal customer because nothing can beat the feeling of being satiated just when you are hungry or thirsty – and this is true for most desires.

Packaging design companies will tell you that customers who leave home with a well-thought-out list frequently end up buying things they never intended to. Even when they do set out to make specific purchases – such as mobile phones – most brand decisions are taken in-store at the spur of the moment. And this is where product packaging plays the most significant role.

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