Tips On How to Make B2C Marketing Social and Successful

by Litmus Branding  |  4th Jan, 2019 in Social Media
Tips On How to Make B2C Marketing Social and Successful

Have you ever had a chance to look at what the American food brand Chobani does with Specially Yogurt? Their Instagram posts are amazing. And they get the brand the result it wants in terms of leads and recall.

B2C Marketing Definition

To be a B2C company, you don’t need a laundry list of various products in your portfolio. Just a few, delightful products of a single product can also pull the magic

In this post, let’s learn how to make the most of your B2C marketing in 2019.

But first, let’s figure out….

B2C Marketing Strategies

B2C marketing is any form of communication where a business is directly talking to the end consumer of its product/service. While B2B marketing communication is built around “logic” to drive sales, consumer purchases are more about emotional arousal. Hence while the former have to be convinced about the Return on Investment (RoI), the latter can be persuaded to do an impulse purchase, if you are able to tug at their heart strings, explains a digital marketing expert.

Tips on How to Promote Your Business Through B2C Marketing Strategies

Connect on a Personal Level

Emotions and feeling are very important considerations in a B2C sale. Show them you care. Take the case of War by Parker. A famous maker of sunglasses, it came out with a cost-effective designer brands to make its brand accessible to consumers who can’t afford the top gear, and if someone can’t visit their store, all that he has to do is call for their executive to visit his home on a Saturday or Sunday, and they send the executive with the latest range. That’s called personal attention in B2C digital marketing.

Do You Run a Blog?

That’s very important for brand-building, as well as lead generation through referrals. Travel portal, Expedia primarily sells flights, accommodation and holidays through its blog site. The blog is very effective in offering travel tips and inspiration for a customer’s next holiday. Browse and you’ll know why the site is so sticky.

Call for Contests

Give your customers a chance to win something from you. This is what Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts did with their “Glazed At Work” giveaway. Get more smart ideas on the kind of contests you can possibly run from here. Competition brings on an adrenaline rush and a craving for food. You are also remembered for the award.

Let Your Contest Go Social

For several years now, Lay has been inviting its customers to submit their ideas for new chips flavors under “Do Us a Flavor” contest. There is an overwhelming response from fans, who feel flattered when one of their suggested flavors goes into commercial production the next year. Here is a list of finalists from 2017.

Going Social to Establish a Relationship

Here is an example of a B2C marketing campaign gone right. Lenovo phones have been selling in India for ages. But the response has been lukewarm. However at the time of the launch of A6000, the company wanted to set its record straight. The brand signed up Ranbir Kapoor as Lenovo’s brand ambassador in India and choose Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr, besides Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to drive home their communication. The result? At the end of the campaign, Lenovo’s brand recall went up from 15% to 26%, brand consideration grew from 11% to 18%, and its share in the country’s smartphones went up from 1.5% to 4.4%.

Don’t Be Deterred Bya B2C marketing campaign’s Initial Negative Spin

America’s low-cost airline, JetBlue Airways’ Twitter account is one of the company’s main customer service channels. Once when an irate customer Esaí Vélez complained about the airline’s non-functional backseat TV set, JetBlue responded within minutes to set things right. Therefore, don’t just regard social media for happy news sharing. It can be your main touch point with the customer for anything, even for troubleshooting.

Throw in a Freebie with Every Purchase

Who doesn’t like a free gift with every purchase, how so ever small?

A restaurant, for example, can woo its customers by serving a free dessert with the purchase of a meal. An electronics store can offer free batteries. Newly-launched food service companies often offer free samples to the first 100-odd customers who walk into the stores. A saloon might like to offer a head wash free with every coloring treatment. The possibilities are endless. You can find more ideas here.

Remain Focused On Your Core

Remember what happened to Coca-Cola’s New Coke in the 1980’s? The consumer hated the flavored drink that reminded them nothing about the old beverage. Coca-Cola had to hurriedly recall it from the shelves, in order to protect its brand loyalty. That’s a fitting example of B2C marketing communication handled right.

Try Retargeting Your Old Customers

Have you noticed that when you are net browsing; some ads follow you wherever you go? That’s called re-targeting. Done the correct way, retargeting is a very powerful digital marketing strategy. It’s a way of reminding them, what you have left behind. According to one available market statistic, retargeting B2C marketing campaigns are 76% more likely to be clicked than a regular display ad.

Add Feedback Buttons

This could be extremely effective strategy for collecting customer database. Besides feedback, you could also request them for consumer testimonials, if they have had a good experience with your company in the past. Indeed the golden mantra to remember is that the more consumer-driven B2C marketing content you can share on social media, the more trust you are likely to develop with your other consumers.

Drive Intent-driven Search Marketing

Any surprise that global brands always own the top search rankings on all search engines. In fact, if your brand does not come up in the first one or two pages of Google’s search results, you may not indeed be there in the web sphere for your prospects to locate you.

Create Membership Programs

All lifestyle brands run their own membership programmes, mainly for customer-related data and also for building brand loyalty. Membership programme must be considered a form of gamification. It encourages consumers to interact with your business and increase their frequency of purchase.

Get Influencers to Build Awareness for Your Brand

Before, Philips came out with its first air fryer in 2012 the Indian consumer did not know anything about its health benefits or its usage. Used to deep frying, they didn’t even know such a technology existed and uses 80% less oil, while giving more or less the same taste.

That’s when Philips took Ogilvy One on board and instead of starting its own new YouTube cookery channel, Philips’ signed up YouTube influencer Sanjay Thumma, who ran a successful channel VahChef which had over 330K subscribers to create a B2C marketing campaign buzz around the new product and it ended up making the right kind of waves in the industry. The mission was accomplished.

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