How to make your product stand out via creative packaging design

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  12th Apr, 2021 in Packaging
How to make your product stand out via creative packaging design

The first impression is the last.  An earring, a ring, a watch, a Rolex watch as a gift? The presentation matters! Of course! Which type of feel and look would you prefer?

1. A Rolex in a plain white, clumsy cardboard box without a greeting tag.

2. Rolex in a custom-made box with beautiful stamping, along with a bespoke design as per the product’s theme.

No prizes for guessing! The choice would be option 2. The feel-good factor works well with product packaging also. It helps in creating a complete brand experience, boosting customer loyalty and making a brand look good. The article will put forth some finer points that can enhance product packaging.

In general, businesses see this as a cost to be paid to the packaging design companies. But in fact, it is an opportunity to increase brand popularity and hiring experts is a wise thing to do. The customer’s “first meeting” with the product is through the packaging. It will tell the brand story and speak volumes about the quality.

Around, 60–80% (Forbes) of customers will not return to the same business though they were happy with the product. If the “wow” factor is missing, there won’t be any experience worth remembering. Although the product might be great, it won’t have a lasting impression. The entire journey from spotting the product to buying it, till the end-use must be etched in the buyer’s mind. This is something that will set the brand from the competition. A packaging design agency can give out the best expressions! Litmus, a branding agency in Ahmedabad being in this business for a long time has handled different types of clients. We have listed down certain pointers based on research to spread the word about some of the best practices that can help enhance the packaging experience.

Here are a few ideas to stir the packaging effect-

Create a beautiful box that can be unboxed tastefully!

Did you know? The unboxing videos are amongst the most popular videos on YouTube. Approximately on an average, the influencer Unbox Therapy earns over $4.4 million a year.

True the first thought in your mind would be, doesn’t it sound odd? People recording themselves while opening a box! That’s where the fun lies! Remember the feeling while opening a birthday gift? Or a Diwali gift? Pure excitement, anticipation and joy! All that is still there, the only difference is, as adults we have some idea of what’s inside. The unboxing video for brands captures the sheer joy and excitement of the buyer.

These videos play a vital role in building brand awareness and marketing exercise. In such a scenario it would be a crime to box the product in a boring package! Its time to wake up and smell the coffee! Opening the boxed product is an experience to cherish and the international brands are recognising its importance.

The minute details added to the packaging inside out can create value. Colour printed inside the box, a little message on the internal bottom of your box is a great way to make the audience feel special!

Care for the environment, choose sustainability!

Single-use plastics have a hazardous effect on waterbodies and the environment in general. Yet single-use plastic is also, regrettably, the best solution for a lot of brands to keep the costs down and profits higher. On a positive note, studies have showcased that around 75% of consumers are ready to pay more for recyclable packaging (source) Meaning, a brand can not only work for a better tomorrow by doing its bit for the environment through eco-friendly packaging but also appeal to a wider audience of eco-conscious consumers.

Packaging design companies are also realizing their value and going inventive. There are various ways to achieve sustainability while also covering the cost. Plant-based plastics are good substitutes to petroleum-based plastics. The plant source must be ethical, not the endangered ones. Do your research and make assessments of industry-wide certifications such as FSC paper pulp and ‘eco-friendly’ stamps.

Design a piece where functionality meets aesthetics

A good design is the one which works on the practical level as well. The packaging must keep the product safe, preserved until used and it should also be durable. For instance, products such as cold drinks, juices, honey are sold in glass bottles, since the packaging style serves all its functions. The product packaging can also be creatively designed keeping in mind, usage of the same. An experienced packaging design agency can assist the brand if it wants to go experimental while keeping the essence intact.

Converse with the clients to understand their perspective

Designing is a collaborative process while coming up with various versions of packaging one needs to involve the client’s opinion. The ongoing dialogue will help to have a different point of view. A lot of times clients are aware of what is trending and would like to incorporate the same, but are unable to express. Constant communication can not only bring out the concepts that are in the client’s mind but it can also become a brainstorming exercise. Once the final design is ready, it must be taken to the client for feedback. The designer can ask for specifications from the client to design the best package most creatively.

Summing up the article, smart and creative packaging is not a luxury anymore. To have a broader reach and form an impression in the mind of the customer, innovative packaging is an intelligent step to go forward. Its time that the SMBs in India, capture the untapped potential. Litmus, a branding agency in Ahmedabad provides bespoke services to the client in a pocket friendly way. To know more call us on +91 99984 12378 or drop a mail to hi@localhost

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