Graphic Design: An Indispensable Part of Your Business

Kapil Vaishnani
by Kapil Vaishnani  |  3rd Aug, 2020 in Branding

Hey! Are you someone who goes by the numbers? Meaning do you trust statistics more than anything else? If yes then here’s something for valuable for you and if no, yet this one’s an interesting piece of information relating to the fiscal benefits of graphic designing. Revealing the direct importance of graphic communication for business across sectors.

In the year 2005, The Design Council in UK conducted a national survey of 63 company portfolios for organisations trading on the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) over the progression of one decade. They found out that the companies putting an emphasis on design did much better as compared to the other companies that didn’t. In fact,all the companies acknowledging the importance of graphic design even outperformed the FTSE 100 index by a whopping 200%.

Here are few pointers that will clearly define importance of graphic communication for business growth and development.

Brand Social Proof

Sharing of content is a major aspect that rules the world of social media and unarguably we know the standing that social media marketing commands in each and every business field.The “Content Share” concept today has become so huge that we have social media networks entirely devoted to it. For instance, if we talk about multi-billion-dollar networking site Pinterest. These are spaces which facilitate a large chunk of content media share and also discovery.

The audience pinning the images,while doing the sharing and saving at once, with the images creating back links to the sources on their Pinterest account. If you have ever noted, Pinterest forms a popular search result appearing on the first page itself, especially for images. Whether it is posting of graphs, infographics or even quotes and photographs, also article header images, everything counts. In the ‘social media age’ graphic design is not a luxury, rather a necessity.

Apart from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles also finds a voice in sharable content. Below is a simpler graphic that will make you understand how sharing of images is vital. Showing how tweets with images have more chances of being retweeted.

Capture New Markets

Design is a powerful mode to not only retain customers but also helps in the positioning of your business while venturing into new-fangled markets. Design can help your business expansion into the foreign market places, possibly by complying with various technical standards and by tailoring your product and packaging as per the preferences of the target market. There might be some fonts or styles or aesthetics that a particular part of the world prefers.

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Depending on their influences and culture, one needs to adapt the product design accordingly. It may happen that your product is good enough but a wrong packaging design can ruin its prospects into the overseas market. No mean feat, while making this move one needs to refer an experienced brand design agency, which not only understands your products but also the market and consumer preferences in the design department.

The importance of graphic design cannot be underplayed in the customer retainership strategy. A new product design or a website redesign, a fresh design in any form will keep your customers interested, and also help you contending with the market competition.The needs of existing customers can also change, so by way of incorporating user observation, trend research and prototyping methods as a part of the design process you will be able to keep in touch with your market.

Tell A Story

It is very much essential that the audience gets the feel of ‘what is your business about’, even before they make a decision to buy a product/service. A thoughtful, simple yet intelligent design will definitely capture the attention of the potential customer segment.

For example, portraying the idea of renewable energy, here in the graphic below. An appeal is made by the brand – Windergy. Asking to the customer to join the ‘green revolution’, in this case a conference and exhibition, displaying a walking portrait created with green leaves. Signifying in a subtle manner – support and walk with renewable energy. The colour, the awareness, the connect everything is in sync. A professional brand design agency can only make this achievable.

As mentioned in The Importance of Graphic design for Business (2020) penned for IKF.

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Say More with Less

All companies whether big, small or medium are built on ideas, values, and goals. At times it can be complicated to communicate all of these to the consumers in a short span of few minutes. ‘Design is a universal language’, helping your brand to communicate these core messages visually to your audience through tools like colour, imagery, icons and more.

Quoting an example from Nike. In the present day, Nike has maintained itself as a brand that motivates, simplifies, enhances the speed and agility of athletes. People who value ergonomic product designs, power, speed, a no excuses attitude etc. Nike showcasing an authoritative, motivational attitude and the ‘tone of a sportsman’ that is flawlessly captured in all of their visual designs. Let’s check out this example.

An energetic, brave, black and white picture of athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton; rough and unpolished hand-written type (note – font); and heavy, contrast block font type, down at the bottom makes for a hard-hitting, inspiring and powerful design – one that summarizes and communicates all of Nike’s brand values graphically and instantly.

There are more chances that a maximum crowd of people will not read your mission and vision statement. So, which is other way through which they will know about your brand values? The best, creative way to do this is ‘pictorial’. Let the picture do the talking!

Taking your brand to the next level and building a ‘brand image’ of a company that is professional, sophisticated and has thought clarity can be uncompromisingly done with the assistance and support of great graphic design portfolio.

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