Brand message: Check out how to create it effectively

by Kapil Vaishnani  |  7th Dec, 2020 in Branding
Brand message: Check out how to create it effectively

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The goal is not to do business with everybody that needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

~ Simon Sinek

At Litmus Branding we come across clients on a daily basis who would inquire for creative logo making services. On rare occasions we met clients who want services for building a strategic, inspirational and genuine brand message. Though the value of a brand message cannot be ignored at any point in the “branding” game.

Have you ever thought? Why do you get along so well with the people around you? Referring to your circle of colleagues, friends and family. Can you ascertain the reason of being close to these people, connecting well with them or meeting them on a regular basis? Things that you said or responded to organically, honestly and genuinely created an instant connect. You touched upon a belief or value that laid the groundwork of trust, creating a base for any futuristic, fruitful and strong relationship.  

Same is the story for brands. Let’s discuss the example of milk. 

The dairy industry in the 90s was facing a sales problem. In order to market their chief product, the brand focused on why product (milk) was good for the consumers. As we know the benefits of being calcium for bones, helping us grow and several other positives. It didn’t do much for the product. There had been no sales for many years. Later the brand promoted the popular “Got Milk” drive and the sales boomed. The question here would be “Why?” Since all of a sudden milk had its own brand identity.

The fact that the campaign doesn’t even talk about the product. No mention of lactose powers, no pictures of tall and healthy Dutch folks, no kids dipping the favourite Oreo biscuits into white milk baths. So, let’s get to the core. Or maybe study the steps to develop brand message!

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Instead it was a subtle manifestation of the traits, personality and values created as a concept that was captured in “Got Milk”. An identity that people could identify with on a universal level. Clever PR and brand messaging but the reason due to which the brand promotional exercise took off was a genuine mass connect with the consumers. 

Everybody could relate to it, creating a connection between the brand and customer. In fact, a huge connect, because the campaign outdid the marketing efforts of popular beer brands and all the soft drink company at the time!

How to create a brand message 

Brand messaging refers to the fundamental value proposal or suggestion conveyed through language used in the content. This is what makes your brand more relatable to the customers because it’s inspirational, influential, motivational.  In the end this is something that leads the customers to a point where they would want to purchase your product. Choosing your brand and not the competitor’s brand. The logo and pictures might just steal a glance, it’s the brand message that gets into the mind, shaping the perceptions.

Once your brand’s messaging is all settled, a public relations strategy could be built around it that will efficiently share the story of your company. A plan that is filled with your brand’s messaging can help to – 

  • Intensify the visibility for the business amid the target audience.
  • Augment the thought leadership profile and standing as an industry  expert.
  • Boost the lead generation.

    The audience’s mind is where your brand lives and thrives.

So, if you don’t give the required necessary time for developing the brand message at each and every touch point, depending on which things you are wanting the audience to understand about the brand. Then well each message will be a missed prospect for shaping the audience’s mind.

A smart yet thoughtful messaging strategy would easily highlight the key differentiators of your brand. The differentiators are the reasons due to which that your brand stands out over the competition. It will also contain the value propositions, explain what you can do for them or what value add you could give them.

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The Checklist for Brand Messaging 

Doubting if you’ve got your messaging, right? Ultimately how to create a brand message that is flawless? Ask the following questions to attain surety:

  • Does the brand message pronounce anything diverse from your competitors?
  • The messages are simple, easily to understandable, and persuasive?
  • Brand messages echoes the reality?
  • Do your messages resonate with your target audience? Do they say anything interesting?

Tick all the boxes right! You are good to go!

Steps to develop brand message

Buyers have more engagement possibilities with a brand whose values they would relate to. The customers will also stay loyal with such a base. Here is the number speak- 

64% customers have said that they use the brand because of its values. 

As per a Boston Consulting Group study, authenticity is most attractive feature a brand can have. 

48% millennials choose brands that dynamically back social causes.

Actually, an experienced brand strategy firm could see your business through this task in a creative manner. These are the things they can assimilate at once in the brand message.

The Brand’s Promise

Directly target your brand promise toward the customer, conveying the vision, while stating with clarity about what is that you actually do. 

Statement of Positioning 

The positioning statement describes exactly where you would be fitting into the marketplace. Working as a guide for both the internal and external message communication.

Target the Audience

During the entire process, it’s imperative to keep your idyllic customers in mind.  Continuously working in the direction of creating a message that will ring in with their needs and pain points. Are you going for a more playful, entertaining brand? OR Does your customer need a more serious take? 

Stating the Mission

The mission statement will have a more visionary viewpoint. What are you hoping to achieve? What is the eventual goal? What are the core beliefs?

Voice Tone 

Define the tone that you would be using for the brand. Playful or serious? Your audience is made up of c-level execs and requiring a more serious tone? One can research those things within the industry itself, while finding about the audience’s tone. This could trigger some original ideas!

Pitch of Elevation

In what way will you define the brand in 30, 60, or 90 seconds to your viewers? Rehearse it on your colleagues. Helping you to understand and concisely state the brand message. 

Pillars of Brand

Get grainy and start dividing the brand promise, positioning, and mission statement into different “brand pillars” that will explain the the three most vital selling points of the product. 

Benefit of Headlines 

Each and every brand pillar must be supported by one crucial benefit statement or a benefit headline with supportive examples. The pillars will notify the focal points of the marketing content.

It’s time to reinforce your brand with the evolution of the marketing strategy. In conclusion, brand value shows how your brand is “different” from competition. You will have to tell a better story, which is steady across all the marketing channels for it to remain solid. Wisely investing into the company’s branding efforts, can produce limitless growth possibilities. 

The execution must be such that the brand messaging must leave the maximum impact. At Litmus, the brand strategy firm we have a team of branding experts, their minds brimming with innovative ideas to help your business flourish. Contact us today, lets discuss your brand.

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