Popularizing Bharatji’s ‘BeOne’ Engagement Rings through Brand Activation

12 March, 2019

Bharatji, one of the top jewellers in Ahmedabad crafted solitaire engagement rings collection – BeOne. Inspired by the institution of marriage that comes with its romantic twists and turns, Bharatji exclusively designed its BeOne rings with its proprietary ‘Veni’ pattern.

Acknowledging beautiful philosophy inscribed to the BeOne rings collection, Litmus as a full-suite digital branding agency thought of taking these rings to its target audience in a creative way. And, our creative team thought of a well-structured brand activation campaign, #CommitmentsonSale, to inspire couples to talk about each other’s differences and dreams, before they plunge into the married life.

The two-day brand activation event, from January 26 to January 27, was organized at the most happening mall of the city- Ahmedabad One Mall. With the display of placards with questions like-’Talked about Wedding Dress, What about Post-Wedding Routine Life?”, “Talked about Wedding Invitation, What about Post-Wedding Romantic Dates?” etc. the objective was to emotionally engage the audience with BeOne. The questions wanted the couples to delve deeper and talk more about the kind of circumstances that they will often encounter in their initial phase of married life and, hence, explore more about each other’s persona in the delightful journey from engagement to marriage, instead of just getting completely engrossed in the wedding preparation.

The event turned out to be a huge success. With the participation of couples from almost all the age groups, the stall was the centre of attraction with its appealing conceptualization. The couples thronged the stall to pose with a ring and a ‘Promise Placard’ which they found apt, like “I Commit to Communicate With You Daily,” “I Commit to Stay Fitter Together,” etc. The campaign proved to be impactful as it brought the couples close to each other.

About Bharatji
Bharatji is a young and vibrant brand that matches exclusively-carved jewels with their owners! The family behind the name, however, has been in the business for the past several decades. At our refurbished boutique store at CG Road, Ahmedabad, we seek to re-discover and re-establish that glorious heritage all over again.

About Litmus Branding
Litmus Branding is an 18 years old advertising and branding agency headquartered in Gujarat, India, offering creative brand establishment and communication solutions for brands across the globe. Since two decades, we have been constantly helping various brands to communicate, engage, drive traffic, and connect with their consumers on both offline and online platforms. Our clientèle spans across national and international boundaries with names such as Haldiram’s, Coca-Cola, Indian Institute of Management (Udaipur), Payson Petroleum, Sabi Foods, Bharatji, Shott, Almeer Saudi, IRU, Royal Bhutan Agro, and many more.

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