Litmus Branding Presents Infographic on the topic ‘Journey of Packaging’

27 June, 2018

Litmus Branding, the full-suite digital branding agency presents Infographic on packaging design and how it has evolved in the last 150 years.

The Infographic titled- ‘Journey of Packaging: From Conservation to Communication’ vividly portrays how the various stages of packaging from the primitive man using animal skin or tree leaves to the newest trend of using plastic in engaging forms and environmentally conscious consumer’s inclination towards eco-friendly packaging.

Litmus Branding’s latest infographic throws light on how the packaging design influences the subconscious mind. With the support of the fact that 64% of consumers are sometimes drawn to, and buy, a product off a shelf without prior knowledge of it, the infographic discusses the types of neuro-marketing tactics that motivate the buyers to pick up the product from the shelf solely due to engaging and interactive packaging design.

To view the infographic, visit Journey of Packaging

Media Contact:
Litmus Branding
Hiren Panchal

About Litmus Branding
Litmus is a creative brand consultancy providing services that help businesses transform themselves into brands by discovering their competence with our creative endeavours. It articulated its vision in a clear, concise yet in an eloquent manner. The vision says “To be the global branding company, most admired for creativity and effectiveness.” Artistic freedom, cultural respect and a voice to every idea define Litmus.

Litmus’s footprint is on the world. It has gained recognition for its work in various business sectors. Their key clients are IIM Udaipur, IIM Bangalore, IIM Vishakhapatnam, Indus, Burakia Group, Shott, Companio, Bharatji, Pattu, Anand Namkeen and many more

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