Why Is User Experience Important To Branding

by Hiren Panchal  |  15th Jul, 2022 in Branding
Why Is User Experience Important To Branding

In today’s times, almost everyone is running after one value when looking for products or services of a company, its brand. A mobile phone can be of some affordable companies like Micromax or a luxurious one like Apple, what’s set’s the price, tone & image of the product is the brand. A brand defines its true value in this digital age, the more the brand recognition & outreach, the more premium it may charge from its customers. But what makes one brand or put simply, how is a brand made?

Confused, many thoughts racing in the head? Well, don’t be, you have come to the right place, we are here to provide you with all the answers. So without further ado, let’s address the elephant in the room, what makes up a brand? The answer is User Experience(UX).

Now, you must be wondering, user experience, really? People would have thought that sales, marketing, promotions, customer support, website UX and customer outreach make up a brand, right?
Well, partially, because all of these are one or the other factors related to the core value, it being User Experience. It is the umbrella entity which encapsulates all these factors and in turn, helps define what’s the brand worth.

User Experience is the A to Z of a brand, starting from how the customer first interacts with the company via products, buys them, uses them, provides feedback, generates revenue for the company, word of mouth publicity, to the launch of new, more refined products, the cycle goes on. User Experience is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction too, the more friendly the UX, the happier the customer.

The Big Question: What Makes User Experience?

The simple answer to this question is Quality, Communication & Support. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Quality: The fundamental pillar of UX is quality, a good quality product or service ensures loyalty towards a company, repeat customers & greater customer satisfaction. Quality need not be in physical terms alone, it can be quality of service, quality of information or expertise, quality of website UI and quality of engagement among others.

Communication: It is the central pillar of UX, communication describes the vision of the brand’s founders via tones, actions and visuals and makes up the core values of what a brand truly stands for.
In today’s digital age, where social media is pivotal to growth, communication becomes all the more important. The nature & type of posts, the company’s policies, and its dealings or transactions, all in some form or another are related to communication. Proper communication is mandatory for brand building. For Example, mature, authoritative communication suits a well-established company like Apple, and a trendy, catchy, bit wild communication style might suit a Fashion Startup.

Support: Now support is viewed as a separate entity because usually many companies, ace the above 2 points but still are not successful or start fumbling somewhere down their journey. What they do is create a huge buildup in marketing, give classy products at competitive prices, and that’s all. They forget or ignore, the after-sales part, the part which affects the user most. You may sell a product or service but if support isn’t good or the user’s needs are not met, it hampers the brand image in the long run, with no exceptions. A good support system ensures such untoward things don’t happen, and if they do happen, they are taken care of promptly. After all, loyalty & trust are 2 values that cannot be bought, they are earned.

Common Places to Improve User Experience

1. Website & App

Hands down, the first interaction or probably the most important one in today’s age happens when a user visits a website. A user-friendly website/app interface, where starting from customers’ search to them buying the product, the entire process matters. A good website UX design, significantly improves brand image & reputation, and increases user traffic, and revenue and helps in positioning the brand as an established one.

2. Social Media

In the current norm, social media is one area where users get influenced the most. The trends, promotions & marketing have the greatest impact. It is one area where communication matters the most too. A good social media presence & visibility boosts the outreach as well as brand value.

3. Products & Services

Products & services are undoubtedly the central areas that affect user experience. Having a great user experience requires good products & services. Good products here not only mean in performance terms but also in design, packaging, item listing and promotional terms. Great service too encompasses time, cost, efficiency, and affordability.
Who Can Help

After understanding the fundamentals, the million-dollar question is who can help? The answer, drumroll… a branding Agency, yes, not advertising, not marketing, a full-fledged branding agency can do the task. They offer a comprehensive solution to all the requirements needed to build the brand even from scratch. The master plan they create strategically with their best minds is bound to yield results.

Litmus Branding is one such example, we take pride in being a 21-year-old professional design agency that has stayed true to its roots & values. Our brilliant minds work tirelessly to make sure, that you get the perfect brand positioning you desire. We have helped established brands, as well as new entrants alike, make a mark in this cutthroat competition. Our constant endeavour is to provide unparalleled services that aid brands in growing in the best possible way.

Some Final Words:

We have covered almost all points that are integral to why user experience is pivotal to branding & how can we help build it. Ultimately, it all boils down to implementation. We can have endless discussions on the worth, do’s & don’ts of branding, but that would leave us nowhere. What’s important is the start, consulting or taking the services of a design agency to start the journey of being an established player in the market & catering to the ever-evolving challenges of today’s times. So, don’t wait, consult a leading agency now & get a personalised master plan for establishing your brand.

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