Top Video Marketing Challenges in 2022

by Brinda Mehta  |  18th Jul, 2022 in Marketing
Top Video Marketing Challenges in 2022

Scroll up, Scroll down, you will find a video everywhere. The dependence of new-age media marketing on videos is growing by the minute. Moreover, a takeaway is becoming crucial for marketers and audiences. This takeaway could be product information, the image of the brand, emotion or realisation. Youtube marketing agencies have understood, video marketing is the best way to achieve it.

Let’s look at why video marketing works. From print to audio to now audio-visual formats, the world keeps changing in terms of the way it consumes information. Video has now become the most effective way of marketing as well. Brands have now started tapping into their relatable, human side and creating groundbreaking content, most of it through video marketing.

Roses have their share of thorns, and so does video marketing. Here are the main challenges a video marketing agency typically faces.

  • Limited time frame for making videos
  • Creativity and relevance of videos
  • Video Production; cost, skill and delivery
  • Tracking Metrics

Limited time frame for making videos

A major challenge a video marketing agency faces is not having enough time to come up with content. It takes time to build a video marketing strategy and understand what works best.

Creating a video involves coming up with an idea, making pre-production decisions on locations, cast, budget etc. The next step then becomes shooting and finally editing, which takes skill, time and loads of patience.

The video marketing industry is fast-paced, agencies are unable to create a video on time and end up missing out. In most cases, there is a small team that does all the work. This ends up taking more time and frustrates the team. Something that has proved to work out while facing this challenge is starting in advance and planning as much as you can in advance.

Creativity and relevance of videos

There is added pressure of creative crunch and an undeniable need for relevance. Everyone has the added pressure of making their video stand out, be creative and gain attraction instantly. The biggest hurdle when it comes to working in a creative domain is to not stray away from the message and purpose you wish to deliver.

Video marketing is used for many different purposes. Videos are created keeping an end goal in mind. Marketers often give into whatever is trending at that point which costs them the relevance of their video.

As a brand this is the last thing you would want to do; video marketing benefits are achieved when the true essence of a brand is retained. Don’t get lost in irrelevance when it comes to marketing through videos.

Video Production; cost, skill and delivery

As enjoyable as a video is to watch, creating a video is a difficult process. There are many factors that “make or break” the deal, which in this case is your video. The production quality of the video, i.e the sound and visual quality along with the aesthetics of the video are a major factor.

Equipment needed to shoot is expensive and so is achieving the desired output once an idea has been cracked. Many times experts are required for shooting, editing and writing for your video. There are also additional troubles of creative clashes when different experts are working on a project.

This problem can be solved by building an inclusive video marketing strategy and sticking to a team of people who are on the same page when it comes to the video. Developing an understanding between creators can give great results.

Tracking Metrics

When you ask any youtube marketing agency they will tell you the importance of tracking numbers. A visual platform is run on numbers in today’s day and age. Most creators fail to develop an understanding of metrics and are not able to succeed even after being highly creative.

1. Engagement rate-It refers to when your viewers like, comment and share your video or repost. Most strategies are built to achieve a high engagement rate.
2. Conversion rate- is the most useful data; conversion rate shows how successful or effective the video has been. It is like a direct report card for the video’s performance.
3. CTR- Click Through Rate is an indication of how well your thumbnail, title and captions have performed. CTR simply refers to the ratio of how many times a person is clicking on your product compared to the times he is shown the product.
4. Subscribers and followers of your channel. Growth in the number of followers and subscribers can very easily tell you if you are on the right track or not.

There are other factors such as the average run time of your videos and the general feedback you gain on the platform. Understanding this data can make all the difference for any agency. This is the most important maths lesson for video marketers.

Video marketing benefits are many, but you will be able to reap them once you have overcome the challenges of video marketing. The right strategy can help improve metrics and ease your creative burden. Like any other creative piece, one can run out of ideas for videos as well. Sticking to the purpose of marketing be it educating viewers on the product, generating leads or converting customers will save you from any diversions.

There are a variety of platforms to choose from for video marketing and it is important to evaluate and understand the dynamics of each platform. Knowing what works best for each platform is an advantage. Most importantly, trusting your creative process and preparing accordingly will make the journey from the idea to the play button very smooth.

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