A Deep Dive: How to Improve your Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

Hiren Panchal
by Hiren Panchal  |  3rd Jan, 2022 in Technology

The digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace. We’ve seen dramatic shifts in how we communicate and interact with one another and how we shop and buy products and services. The days of the traditional consumer are gone. Brands must embrace digital transformation to keep up with the ever-changing digital world.

In this blog post, we will explore how organizations can prepare for these changes by embracing digital transformation to improve customer experience.

What is digital transformation?

Simply put, it’s the process of overhauling your business processes and systems to meet the demands of a digitally connected world, which includes changes in how you operate internally and externally. It’s about adopting new technologies to improve how you engage and interact with your customers, including those who use digital channels rather than traditional brick-and-mortar locations or phone calls.

Digital transformation is a multi-step process that involves four key components: culture change, innovation of products/services, technology integration, and customer experience. Digital transformation is a step ahead of digital branding for some; it is slow, while others are going in full speed ahead mode. Some of the most popular examples of companies that have successfully transformed into digital business include Amazon, Apple, Uber, and Airbnb. They all started as brick-and-mortar businesses but transformed into digital companies with access to an online platform.

For your business to successfully undergo digital transformation, you must first identify what’s important to your customers and how you can best meet their needs. The possibilities that digital transformation opens up are endless; it is all about exploring what your business can do to build a better customer experience.

To help with this process, here are a few digital trends that are helping brands enhance their customer experience.

1. Personalise the digital customer experience

Customers today expect a personalised experience, regardless of which channel they use. They want to feel like you are speaking directly to them, not just another faceless customer in a long line. One way to personalise the digital customer experience is through dynamic content, which changes based on individual preferences or past behaviours.

For example, Netflix personalises its home page for each user, displaying different titles based on their previously watched shows and movies.


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2. Consistent customer experience across multiple channels

One of the main benefits digital transformation brings is that it helps create a consistent experience across various channels once implemented correctly, which means customers will have access to information and products no matter what channel they choose.

A consistent customer experience is a key to satisfying customers and building loyalty. When customers have a good experience with your brand, they’re more likely to return and recommend you to others.

Apple is a great example of a digital transformation leader. The company provides a seamless experience across all channels, from its website to the Apple Store app and iTunes. Customers can purchase products online or in-store, check out information about products at their leisure via computers or mobile devices, get assistance with questions on social media and phone calls, etc.

3. Implementing Automation

Automation is another way to improve the customer experience through digital transformation. Automated processes help reduce wait times and provide instant responses, which are important in customers with high expectations and little patience.

One example of an automated process that improves the customer experience is chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that can mimic human conversation, and they’re becoming increasingly popular for customer service interactions. They’re able to handle a high volume of inquiries quickly and effectively, which frees up human customer service representatives to deal with more complex issues.

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4. Seamless Customer Onboarding Experiences

New customers are essential to growing your business. They bring money, knowledge, and connections that benefit your brand for years. But there’s a catch: most companies have terrible “onboarding experiences” when new customers first sign up or join their community.

This often leads to high customer churn rates because the onboarding process is too complicated or unclear what the customer is supposed to do next.

Digital transformation can help improve onboarding experiences by simplifying processes and providing more helpful guidance.

Slack’s new user onboarding process is a short, easy-to-follow guide that explains how to use the platform. The company also has an article with tips for getting started faster, which helps show customers they care about them and want their experience to be positive from day one.

5. Data Transparency

As you are probably aware, there is a lot of controversy surrounding how companies collect and use data. While some businesses take the necessary steps to protect customer information, others do not put enough effort into it, leading to things like identity theft or worse! However, digital transformation makes it easier for users to see what kind of data is being collected and how it’s being used.

A survey by the World Economic Forum showed that 87% of users believe that it is important that they control and review their personal data on platforms from time to time. This transparency makes the customer experience better for everyone since customers can see with whom they share their information. At the same time, businesses have to take the necessary steps to gain consumer trust, which will help them grow their business more quickly.

6. Share information with your Customers

Keeping customers in the loop is another way to improve their experience with your brand. When customers know what’s going on, they’re less likely to feel anxious or frustrated.

Digital transformation can help you share information with customers in a variety of ways. You can send out regular email newsletters, post updates on social media, or create an interactive customer portal where they can access information on their own schedule.

Whatever you do, make sure the information is easily accessible and easy to understand. Amazon is a great example of a company that does this well as customers can find information about the latest products, services, and deals.

7. Emphasis on Providing Value

Once businesses have built their digital customer experience, they need to ensure that every interaction provides value for themselves and consumers. The best way to do this is by listening carefully to your customers to understand better how you can help them.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce platform, ask your customers what they would like to see improved on the site. Would adding more filters help them find the products they are looking for? Or is there something else that could be done or added to improve their shopping experience?

Asking these questions will not only give you a better idea of what steps to take in order to improve your digital platform, but it will also give customers an insight into how their ideas are being heard, which means that they’ll be more likely to share information with companies who value them and vice versa. By listening carefully and asking questions like these, businesses can transform how they interact with their customers digitally, increasing the value for both sides.

The Bottom Line

As companies increasingly shift their focus to providing a great customer experience, digital transformation plays an important role in helping to improve customer interactions. By leveraging new technologies and channels, businesses can improve the overall customer experience by making it more convenient and personalised. As a result, companies are seeing improved customer engagement and satisfaction, as well as better financial performance.

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